D3 Newsletter - 9-15-21

September 15, 2021                                                                                       


Vegetation Management and Resiliency Working Group


On Tuesday, September 21, I am bringing forward a board item along with Supervisor Hidahl to direct the CAO's office to convene a Working Group tasked with collaborating on lessons learned from the Caldor Fire in order to initiate a robust, community-based resiliency and vegetation management program throughout our County.

The Caldor Fire ravaged El Dorado County, destroying 1003 structures and consuming 219,267 acres.   The loss was heartbreaking, and I know our hearts go out to all those that lost their homes and properties, especially in the communities of Grizzly Flats, along the American River corridor and up to Echo Summit.  I think we also recognize that the devastation could have gone much deeper throughout our County.

What has struck me about this entire incident was the immense amount of vegetation management that fire crews did on both private and public lands to create defensible space that slowed or stopped the fire's spread.  (That's work that private landowners, as well as the County and other public agencies, should have done!)  The County did enact a Vegetation Management Ordinance in 2019, and that was a good start. The problem was, we didn't fund it.  And while there are incredible efforts underway to create defensible space through entities like the Resource Conservation District and Fire Safe Councils, it's high time for El Dorado County to do things differently in order to create a more resilient and fire-adapted County.  That's the point of this board item.

Link to Agenda Item

Special BOS Meeting...

Caldor Fire Resiliency and Rebuilding Ordinance

On Friday, September 10th, there was a Special Board Meeting to adopt an Urgency Ordinance focused on rebuilding and resiliency measures.

A deep thanks to all those who joined us in this important, and at times, heart-wrenching conversation.  I also want to applaud our staff who has worked diligently to get this done, despite many being evacuated themselves.  We recognize that this Ordinance will be fluid, and that we will need to add to it or amend it.  That said, it is a great start in helping our community move onto the road to recovery.  Here are some highlights from the Ordinance:

  • Waives Permit and Development Impact Fees
  • Prioritizes Rebuilding Permits over other work in the Planning and Building Department
  • Establishes Safe Parking Sites
  • Expands Temporary Housing Options 
  • Permits Shipping Containers for Temporary Storage

To review the Ordinance, click on the link below:

Caldor Fire Resiliency and Rebuilding Ordinance

Dorado Oaks Draft EIR


As a reminder, the Public Review Period on the Dorado Oaks Tentative Subdivision Map will run through October 18, 2021.

Comments should be submitted in writing to the attention of Tom Purciel, El Dorado County Planning and Building Department – Planning Division, 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville, CA 95667.

Comments may be submitted via email to dorado_oaks@edcgov.us.

Planning Staff advises to limit your comments to the issues addressed in the Draft EIR and the potential environmental impacts that may result from project implementation related to those issues. Keep in mind that comments should focus on the potential environmental impacts of the project based on the Draft EIR, and not the positive or negative attributes of the project itself.  Comments pertaining to the impact analysis, criteria and thresholds, mitigation measures, and alternatives presented in the Draft EIR will be considered by the County during preparation of a Final EIR. The Final EIR will include copies of the comments received on the Draft EIR, and the County’s responses to those comments.

Link to Dorado Oaks Documents

They can be found under "Announcements" on the Planning Services website.


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No matter what your political leaning, it isn't everyday that your County CAO meets the President of the United States. 

President Biden has now signed our Federal Emergency Declaration. In the days ahead, we will begin to get clarity on what that means. 

Stay tuned.




To date, the El Dorado Community Foundation has approved and is in the process of distributing $1,436,400 in community donations to 14,448 people across 4785 households affected by the Caldor Fire... INCREDIBLE!

This was made possible by our generous community as well as the dedication and hard work of the staff and board of the El Dorado Community Foundation.

While the immediate threat is over and we are moving into the Recovery and Rebuilding process, the needs will continue to be great.  Please consider continued support for those who have lost their homes and are just now starting to rebuild their lives.

Click here to donate to the Caldor Fire Fund




On the County's website, there is a new Caldor Fire Landing Page with direct links to topics that are critical to the rebuilding process

Check it out...

Link to Recovery Information

There is also a new dedicated email and phone number that will be staffed Monday-Friday during normal business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). 

Email:  edccaldorrecovery@edcgov.us

Phone:  (530) 621-5101

I so appreciate the extraordinary efforts our County Staff is taking to ensure as successful a recovery process as possible.  We are truly all in this together.


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Their next meeting will be this Thursday, September 16 at 6 p.m. at the Diamond Springs Fire Station...  Join us!

Important topics include an acknowledgement of Bob Smart's contributions and legacy, a Review for Consistency on America's Tire on Missouri Flat Road, committee assignments for a review of Dorado Oaks Draft EIR, and the chance to meet D3 Planning Commissioner John Clerici! 

Link to Agenda

See you there!




As we move into a recovery phase, part of that is finding ways to return to normal life.  What better way to do that than to embrace our Harvest Season in Apple Hill?!  It's also an important step in helping our Ag Community recover from the economic disruption they have endured.

The growers and wineries are ready and eager to welcome you!  Enjoy the bounty of this beautiful time of year in our beautiful county.

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