D3 Newsletter - Caldor Fire Information

August 24, 2021


Thinking of you...

As I pulled up my newsletter template, I found it rather ironic that my last edition started with a section on Emergency Preparedness.  It breaks my heart that was timely information and that we are in the middle of a sustained battle... 

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are safe and well.  This is a time of unprecedented challenge for our County.  That said, I continue to be inspired by the strength and resiliency of our community, especially our children who have already been asked to shoulder enormous changes and disruptions this past year.

The days ahead are not likely to be easy.  The battle is not likely to be short.  That said, we WILL get through this.  We will persevere and rebuild, repair and restore.  We get closer and stronger as a community, and we will emerge resilient as we work to overcome this present challenge.

The men and women on the front lines of defense for our community are dedicated, capable and strong.  I am fully confident in their fierce commitment to attack this fire and protect our County to the very best of their abilities.  With enormous gratitude for the efforts of our fire crews, first responders, law enforcement, healthcare workers, non-profits, churches, and citizens who are pivoting to meet the ever-changing needs of our community...THANK YOU.

We are El Dorado County Strong, and we will get through this. 


We are all hungry for information, and we are all bombarded by it.  Information is swirling on social media, and with it, unfortunately, comes a stream of misinformation.   Please bear one thing in mind:

The ONLY reliable sources of information are official channels where information is coordinated and vetted among the various  agencies involved in this complex fire.  EDC's homepage on our website has a direct link to the latest information on the Caldor Fire including Cal Fire's Incident Information, the U.S. Forest Service's Incident page, Citizen Evacuation orders, current Shelter information and all the official social media channels.  You can expect updates to CalFire information at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily. 

Additionally, at 5 p.m. every evening there is a fantastic online community meeting on CAL FIRE'S Facebook page which details the day's events and talks about the conditions which are anticipated.  I highly recommend it as it will help you be fully informed.

Link to CAL FIRE Facebook Page

EDC Website:  Latest Caldor Fire Information

Re-Entry Permits for Ag


A couple of days after the Caldor Fire started and it looked like D3's ag district was out of harm's way, I began raising the issue of access for harvest purposes at the daily Incident Command meetings.  Thank you to Charlene, our Ag Commissioner, for also being engaged in this critical coordination and finalizing the process within the Ag Department.

A process has now been approved with the El Dorado Sheriff's Department to allow land owners and their crews to have access to their land in evacuation zones in order to maintain and harvest their crops.  Links to both the Re-Entry Permit and the Process Instruction Sheet can be found on the County's website under the Agricultural Department .  Any questions, contact the Ag Department at 530.621.5520 or eldcag@edcgov.us.

Link to Re-Entry Permit Application

Link to Re-Entry Permit Process Instructions

Homeowner's Insurance


Assemblymember Frank Bigelow sent over this important message...

"If your zip code is in or around the area affected by the Caldor Fire, your homeowner's insurance CANNOT BE CANCELED before August 17, 2022.  Make sure you are aware of your rights!"

Link to Insurance Moratorium

Gubernatorial Recall


For those affected by the Caldor Fire, please see the County's website for specific information: 

Link to Caldor Wildfire and Voting Information

Trip to Green


Scheduled to be tested on 2 weekends this fall, September 24-26 and October 15-17, this proof-of-concept was ready to go when our community needed it the most!

When the Caldor Fire exploded on Tuesday, August 17th, Trip to Green was activated when cars backed up to Pollock Pines with evacuees.  Within a short amount of time, cross-streets were blocked and the lights in Placerville turned to green so traffic could flow freely...AND IT WORKED!

I spoke with an evacuee last week and she expressed how afraid she was as she left her home in Pollock Pines.  Thinking of the frequent gridlock we experience in times of heavy traffic, she feared the worst in times of crisis.  As she reached Highway 50 and found it flowing, a big part of her fear and anxiety subsided.  So grateful that a demonstration project could help relieve a bit of anxiety in a devastating time!

Over the last year, the Trip to Green was developed both as a short-term solution to traffic congestion and as a learning tool to give us insights into what a long-range solution, like an elevated freeway, could do to relieve traffic congestion in both the County and in the City.   My husband/Placerville Mayor, Dennis Thomas, has been championing this effort along with the development  team at the El Dorado County Transportation Commission, City Engineer, Rebecca Neves and city and county partners.  It's amazing that this tool designed to solve one problem was an unforeseen blessing during this time of crisis.



What makes El Dorado County strong is YOU!  You continue to show up, time and time again, to love your neighbor and meet the demand at hand.  From the El Dorado County Foundation giving out roughly $637,400 to those affected by the fire, to Green Valley Community Church and Bayside in Placerville opening their doors (and parking lots) to those that need a place to stay, to restaurants like Kings Meats, Farm Table and Pizza Factory on Broadway offering free meals, to the Placer Food Bank and Raley's meeting food needs, to MORE teaming up with John Sanders and his team at Old Town Grill to deliver meals to evacuees in the KOA campground, to D'Agostini Ranch opening their doors to our community and their animals, we are truly a community that cares!

The needs will continue to be great, although as time goes on, the needs will look different.  I have no doubt, we will continue to pivot as we boldly love our neighbor as ourselves.

County Seal

Supervisor Wendy Thomas  District 3

If you have any questions, call my office: 530.621.5652