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August 6, 2021                                                                                       




Emergency Preparedness & Response is a program of the EDC CAO's office with the goal of building community resilience and disaster preparedness through education and action.

With conditions dry and hot, I know there is fear in our community.   While we have incredible first responders, it is up to each and everyone of us to be prepared so we can not only protect ourselves and our family, but also to be helpful to our friends and neighbors.

Simple steps can make a big difference...

Hopefully we will never need any of this, and yet it is critical that we be INDIVIDUALLY PREPARED so we can be RESILIENT TOGETHER.



Work continues!  Please know I am in regular communications with Caltrans, EDC Department of Transportation and the El Dorado County Transportation Commission on this project. 

Here is the latest news from Caltrans...

" Several traffic changes will be implemented beginning August 5th on the U.S. Highway 50 Camino Safety Project.

Highway 50 is reduced to one lane in each direction from Still Meadow Road to 5 Mile Road/Paul Bunyon Road for construction of a wildlife undercrossing. That work is expected to be completed by August 15.

In addition, barriers will be installed at intersections beginning tonight (August 5) to restrict left-hand turns at lower Carson Road, then 5 Mile Road and upper Carson Road. All barriers are expected to be in place in about a week and the turn restrictions will be permanent. Camino Heights Drive is scheduled to remain open until the new Pondorado Undercrossing is completed, but that intersection will be monitored for safety concerns."

Please note, access to Camino's agricultural area when you're heading eastbound will be at Schnell School Road, Point View Drive and the Cedar Grove exit.  We are working with Caltrans to help message that during Harvest Season.


Click here for Project Updates



Captain Paul H. Jacobs was most certainly an El Dorado County hero...

In July, a bronze plaque was installed on the wall of the EDC Veterans Monument to commemorate his significant legacy. You need to know his story…

Captain Jacobs spent 26 years in the Navy, including five combat tours in Vietnam.   Most notably, he was recognized for his heroism as the commanding officer of the USS Kirk during the fall of Saigon during Operation Frequent Wind.

As communists swept through Southeast Asia, Jacobs and his crew steamed away from Saigon in their Knox-class destroyer escort.  Shortly afterwards, Adm. Donald Whitmire ordered the Kirk to go back and rescue the Vietnamese Navy because “We forgot ‘em”. 

On May 1, 1975, Jacobs returned to a small island off the coast where the Kirk encountered hundreds of boats and ships anchored offshore where Defense Department attaché Richard Armitage had gathered the fledgling fleet so they wouldn’t fall into enemy hands.  Jacobs and his crew escorted the 18 ships and a flotilla of small boats bearing tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugees as they headed for the Philippines.

During this evacuation, the USS Kirk also was called upon to serve as a landing pad for South Vietnamese helicopters carrying families and friends who were running for their lives.  The only problem was, the Kirk was ill-equipped to serve in such a capacity and would have been soon overrun were it not for the creative response by Captain Jacobs.

With only a small flight deck, Jacobs and his crew landed a helicopter, welcomed the passengers, then pushed the aircraft overboard to make room to land another.  In all, roughly 30,000 people were saved and Captain Jacobs’ efforts were lauded as one of the greatest humanitarian missions in military history.  Those 30,000 rescued souls now number over 500,000 people who owe their lives to Captain Paul Jacobs.

He passed away on December 8, 2020 at his son’s home in Grizzly Flat.  It was a great privilege to meet his son at our July 27 Board Meeting where the Board was able to extend our deepest gratitude to Captain Jacobs and finally commemorate his incredible legacy with a bronze plaque on our Veterans Monument.

The book, “The Lucky Few: The Fall of Saigon and the Rescue Mission of the USS Kirk”, written by Jan Herman, recants this incredible story.  Ask for it at your local book store!




So excited about this new home base in Placerville for the great work of Hands4Hope!

Hands4Hope is an amazing organization whose mission is to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service.  Their main goal is to enable youth to make a difference in their community through youth-led and youth-driven projects.  And what great work they do!

Did you know that in 2019-2020...

  • 15,328 individuals were served in our community
  • 8,862 hours spent in youth service
  • 196 projects and outreaches were organized and funded by the youth of Hands4Hope
  • $30,244 was raised to meet local need

I encourage you to get to know this organization and support them where you can!

Hands4Hope Website


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So appreciate our EDC Sheriff's Department and the Placerville Police Department who continue to go above and beyond in keeping us safe. 

National Night Out is always a great time to connect with our neighbors and our local  law enforcement in talking about issues and celebrating our caring and connected community.



Great event at the Gold Country Retirement Center!  Also appreciated hearing an update on the progress of the new El Dorado Community Health Center which will be a great asset in our community.


NNO is an important opportunity for families to get to know the folks protecting us.


It was great to get a tour of the new  EDSO Mobile Command Center!  Quite impressive and it will allow them to handle any emergency in any place.


It was a pleasure to join in neighborhood parties in the City of Placerville and see many friends and neighbors.


Camino was hopping too with great music, food and always good company!



Karen and I had the chance to join the Parks and Rec Commission, along with Parks Manager, Vickie Sanders and City of Placerville staff, as they toured the parks and amenities in District 3.  

You might be surprised to learn that ALL of the parks and pool in District 3 are within the city limits of Placerville.  That means there are a lot of opportunities for recreational amenities in the unincorporated parts of D3!

We did tour the site that has amazing potential for a Sports Complex in Diamond Springs.  This area is severely underserved, and I am excited about the possibilities!  More to come in the future.




On July 27th, it was a packed house in the Board Room as we held the 26th Annual Student Map Drawing Contest hosted by the County and sponsored by S.A.G.E., the professional organization of Surveyors, Architects, Geologists and Engineers.

It was a privilege to celebrate and honor the excellent work of our students throughout our County!



Ballots on the Gubernatorial Recall Election will be mailed on August 16th.  The last day to request a ballot to be mailed to you is September 7. (Contact elections at 530-621-7480 if you need one).  Additionally, Vote Centers will be open in El Dorado County at the locations and dates below.



For more information, go to EDC Elections Website



"Young people,

when informed and empowered,

when they realize that what they do really does make a difference,

can indeed change the world."


Jane Goddall