Supervisor Sue Novasel District V Newsletter - August 28, 2020

August 28, 2020                                                                          Edition #51

Supervisor Novasel

El Dorado County

District V Supervisor, Sue Novasel Updates and Input Newsletter 

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Get a COVID-19 Test

Two State-sponsored, free sites for COVID-19 testing for any El Dorado or Alpine County or State of Nevada resident wanting to be tested for the virus. No medical insurance is necessary, walk-ins are not accepted.

El Dorado County has one COVID-19 test site sponsored by the State and operated by OPTUMServe to serve all residents in our community. The test is a nasal swab type with results returning between 2-4 days later and determines whether you currently have COVID-19. This is not an antibody test to determine if you have contracted the virus at an earlier time. There is no barrier to being tested. The cost is covered either by medical insurance or by the State if you are uninsured, and if someone is without identification, testing staff will generate a unique identifier number to obtain results. The only requirement is an appointment. Walk-ins are not accepted. 

To register for an appointment, people can visit Those without internet access can call 888-634-1123. 

Nevada residents in the Tahoe area and Spanish speaking residents can only register via the call center at 888-634-1123 at this time. 

Test results are currently expected to take between 2-4 days. All test results will be entered into the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) site. Patients will receive a card at the time of testing directing them to a site for test results. Patients who test positively will be contacted by telephone by a nurse.

Lake Tahoe Community College (Tuesdays-Saturdays) 
Closed Sunday & Monday

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EDC COVID-19 Update

Update on COVID-19 in El Dorado County as of Thursday, August 27, 2020.  

    --  305 tests (23,573)

    --  7 cases; (942)

2 in EDH; 3 in Cameron Park/Shingle Springs/Rescue;
2 in Lake Tahoe region

1 aged 0-17, 2 aged 18-49, 2 aged 50-64, 2 aged 65+

    --  298 negative tests (22,631)

    --  11 assumed recoveries (819)

    --  no change in hospitalizations and ICU (2/2)

    --  2.8% positivity rate

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Small Business Relief Grant Application Modifications

A few modifications have been made to the Small Business Relief Grant Application Process to accommodate more small businesses and nonprofits.

The Small Business Grant assistance is a program aimed at assisting small businesses (including non-profits) with the cost of business interruption caused by required closures and costs associated with business modifications and expenses due to the public health emergency and associated regulations and requirements. 

These costs need to meet the requirement of appropriate documentation including receipts, both paid and unpaid.  Where invoices are not available bank and credit card statements can be scanned and used showing specific charge, date and vendor.   Please note that proper documentation is the responsibility of the applicant. 

Furthermore, EDC officials have removed the prohibition of franchise applications.  A franchise business may apply for these funds.

Lastly, and unfortunately, we have been informed that unfortunately the CARES Act legislation does not allow for funding compensation to replace lost revenue due to the pandemic. 

To accommodate these modifications, whether your application is submitted or not, you can re-open your application to make any necessary changes up until Sept. 3, 2020 at 5 p.m.  If you need the links to the application, please go to and click on the links for either the Western Slope or the Eastern Slope application. You can review the FAQ sheet that has been created if you have any other questions, or email  Kathy Haven at  They are working as quickly as possible to answer all questions regarding this funding.

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts


Tahoe receives an average of just 0.23 inches of precipitation in August. The only month with a lower average precipitation is July with the average of 0.18 inches. With all these storms lately, you may be surprised to find out that this month’s precipitation to date is only 45% of the average.




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Get a COVID-19 Test

Small Business Grant Application Modification

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts



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