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April 10, 2017                                                                         Edition #4

Supervisor Novasel

El Dorado County

District V Supervisor, Sue Novasel Updates and Input Newsletter 

Winter just won't go away this year! The good news is that our rivers and reservoirs are full, which means we should have a pretty normal year for recreation and tourism in our communities. As Spring officially kicks off, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter, Passover and Spring Break!


Easter egg hunt

Lake Valley Fire Protection District

Presents Community Easter Egg Hunt at Tahoe Paradise Park on Sunday, April 16th.

Bears, Bears, Go Away!

People aren't the only things that are looking forward to warmer weather. Spring means our local black bears are beginning to emerge from their winter homes, We all need to be "bear aware" and keep our garbage away from these hungry giants. El Dorado County, along with Douglas County and the City of South Lake Tahoe and in cooperation with South Tahoe Refuse, have begun a new Bear Box program in South Lake Tahoe. The program allows homeowners to purchase and install bear- resistant bear boxes and pay these no-cost loans via the garbage bill - that's what I call a win/win for residents and wildlife! For more information, contact South Tahoe Refuse at (530) 541-5105

Please keep all garbage and food away from wildlife - don't feed the bears! If you encounter any problems or have any questions about wildlife, call Lake Tahoe Wildlife at (530) 577-2273 ( or the Bear League at (530) 525-PAWS (7297) (


Bear Box Loan Program Summary

Bear Box Program Summary

South Lake Tahoe Basin Waste Management Authority - Bear Box Loan Program Approved

This program is provided to residents to promote the peaceful co-existence between animals and humans in our community by reducing interactions that are harmful to our wild life and our neighborhoods and that can affect public health and safety.

Traffic Congestion and GPS

Last week, I held a Meyers Traffic Congestion meeting to give an update on what's happened since February's meeting and to continue the discussion on what can be done to address the growing issue of increased traffic in our neighborhoods. GPS and those popular traffic apps have created a public safety hazard on days where chain requirements and spin outs cause gridlock in our once-quiet neighborhoods. One suggestion from public safety officials was to enact a "traction control" ordinance in order for officers to turn around or deter motorists from using side streets during dangerous snow conditions. The Board of Supervisors in March approved staff to come back with an ordinance which, similar to other counties, can give authority to our Sheriff Deputies and others. It will not completely fix the problem - but it's a start. The ordinance should come back before our board by late summer or early fall, just in time to help next winter.

Traffic Meeting


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  • 2017 Goals
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For current information on road conditions countywide follow the
El Dorado County link:



In the year ahead, your El Dorado County Board of Supervisors will be focusing on strategic planning for capital improvements, investing in communities and balancing the budget, while improving roads and county services.

It’s been a busy 2017 already and there are many things I’d like to accomplish. 

My goals for 2017 are simple:

  • Maintain an environment of respectful conversation and positive change.
  • Protect Tahoe’s fair share funding.
  • Continue to strengthen Tahoe’s voice in County affairs.
  • Bring forward housing options that are affordable to our residents.
  • Reduce traffic congestion on local roads and in neighborhoods. 
  •  Improve recreation access and opportunities. 
  • Protect and expand services for our most vulnerable population, including children, families, veterans and seniors.


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