Supervisor Valle's February 2022 Newsletter

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Release Date: February 2, 2022

Supervisor's Message

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I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that your new year is off to a splendid start. We all hoped the COVID pandemic would be in our rearview mirror come 2022. However, the spread of the Omicron variant has impacted many of us; classrooms and childcare centers are having to close and our Health Care Services Agency have provided isolation rooms for over 170 individuals. Omicron does appear to signal the shift of this pandemic to what some are saying may be an endemic virus that we'll have to continue to learn to live with. Let’s continue the efforts that have helped our county through to this point – get vaccinated and boosted, continue to practice proper hand sanitation, wear a mask, and avoid crowded indoor settings.

2021 was in some ways a return to normal with schools and restaurants reopening, critical county initiatives launching like sheriff oversight and the resumption in planning for the biennial Niles Canyon Stoll & Roll scheduled for May 1, 2022 (more on those initiatives below). We also are pleased to share the progress we’ve made on reimagining our local food systems and economy. In December, we held a ground breaking for the Dig Deep Farm’s Union City expansion in partnership with the Masons of California. Dig Deep will begin installation of a new water well this winter and are actively preparing the farm site on Mission Blvd for producing locally grown fresh produce this summer.

Dig Deep Groundbreaking

Ground breaking for Dig Deep Farm's Union City expansion in partnership with the Masons of California

We were additionally excited for the Daily Bowl receiving their new refrigerated van which will help them continue their efforts of food recovery. Since inception, Daily Bowl  has helped divert more than 3 million pounds of edible food that would have otherwise been destined for the landfill and compost, and redistributed it to individuals and families in need.

These two initiatives are part of a larger county effort to reimagine our food systems and economy into one that is environmentally sustainable, empowers local entrepreneurs to begin businesses in a local food economy, and provides jobs for youth and individuals receiving county services. To learn more about this effort visit


Richard Valle

Committee Highlights

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Supervisor Valle chairs the Social Services and Public Protection Committees. Here are some highlights from recent meetings.


Public Protection met on November 17, 2021December 16, 2021 and January 20, 2022.

The November meeting covered the annual Public Health Department inspection of Santa Rita Jail. In December Alameda County Probation Department presented on an important item - the process and timeline to phase out the use of oleoresin capsicum (pepper) spray at the Juvenile Justice Center. This comes as a result of advocacy from community members and a presentation to the Committee by the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission in October highlighting this topic. The January meeting received an update on the innovative CARES Navigation Center by the District Attorney’s Office which redirects individuals arrested for low-level offenses into support services, mental health and/or substance use treatment and away from incarceration and the criminal justice system.


Social Services Committee met on November 29, 2021 and January 24, 2022. In November we convened a special joint session with Public Protection Committee to receive important updates on conservatorships, the Public Guardian, and an overview from the Alameda County Superior Court on Probate Court.

In January, we convened another special joint session with Health Committee. We heard from Housing Director, Michelle Starratt and Housing Manager, Jennifer Pearce  regarding a proposed ordinance from CDA to implement tenant protections in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Social Services Agency and Public Health presented a 10-point workplan to identify needs for seniors and expand areas where they can collaborate to improve outcomes. They also presented on a Community Wealth Building Initiative which aims to identify racial and wealth disparities to bring more equity and stability to disadvantaged residents.

COVID-19 Update

Covid update

For more information on COVID-19 including vaccines visit

  • Last week, the Alameda County District Attorney posted an alert and the California State Attorney General issued a warning about illegitimate sites and tips to avoid scams. Please see story below on how to choose an authorized testing site.

  • Vaccinating partners have provided more than 170 booster clinics and administered over 3400 doses since mid-October 2021. Clinics continue every week and include flu shots. Booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine provide the best protection against the Omicron variant.

  • Get a booster shot as soon as you’re eligible:

    • If you got Moderna or Pfizer as a primary vaccine series, get a booster shot after 5 months.

    • If you got a Johnson & Johnson vaccine, get a booster shot after 2 months.

  • Please continue taking all COVID safety precautions, including masking, avoiding large gatherings, and staying home if sick. Please visit to schedule your booster. Alameda County is not reintroducing the face mask exemption at this time for vaccinated people in limited settings.

  • Case rates and hospitalizations in Alameda County continue to be much higher than when that local order was first introduced.

  • Alameda County rescinded the exemption on December 30 and everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask in all indoor public settings.

EMS Redesign Forum II - TODAY!

EMS Redesign Flyer

Join community members on Wednesday, February 2 from 5:30pm-7pm for a discussion and Q&A session about the Alameda County
Health Care Services Agency Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system redesign.

  • There will be a panel discussion and an opportunity to ask questions and contribute your
    vision for the EMS system in Alameda County.
  • You can view the January 18 Community Forum here and register for Community Forum

How to Choose a COVID-19 Testing Site

Covid testing sites advice

Is a COVID-19 testing site unauthorized? If you aren't sure, LESS is more. L-Legal. E-Ethical. S-Safe. S-Secure. Get tested at a city/county affiliated testing site or through medical groups. Find a verified testing site near you at

Stroll & Roll is Back!

Stroll & Roll Save the Date

Alameda County Districts 1 and 2 look forward to bringing back the Niles Canyon Stroll & Roll this Spring on Sunday, May1, 2022. This free biennial event closes Highway 84 (Niles Canyon Road) to vehicle traffic to allow pedestrians and bicyclists one day to experience this scenic and historic canyon while highlighting efforts to building the Niles Canyon Trail. To learn more and get updates, visit

Sheriff Oversight Community Meetings

Sheriff Oversight Banner

Beginning mid December 2021, with the help of current Public Protection Advisor and retired Chief  Probation Officer, Wendy Still, each district held community engagement meetings to
obtain input on the public’s desire to establish a Sheriff’s Oversight Board and/or an Office of
the Inspector General. Since then, each district has completed 2 community meetings and Cameron McEllhiney, Director of Training Education at the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, presented an educational seminar. 

Visit for recordings of the community meetings and more information.

Resources for Homeowners and Landlords Impacted by COVID-19

Housing Secure

Many homeowners and landlords have suffered a loss of income because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeowners may have lost all or part of their income because they lost their jobs, had their work hours cut, or had to take time off from work to care for family members. Many landlords have also felt the impact of the pandemic, as tenants became unable to pay all or part of their rents. Here are some resources below that may be useful for homeowners and landlords.

U.S Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

Resources for homeowners facing hardship from COVID-19, including information on mortgage forbearance, potential scams, and eviction and foreclosure moratoriums are available on the HUD website. Click here

Struggling to keep up with mortgage payments on your FHA-insured mortgage because of COVID-19? Take action now to keep your home. Work with your mortgage servicer to get the help you need. Or, contact a HUD-approved counseling agency to understand your options. Click here

California Mortgage Relief & Foreclosure Resources

Resources for homeowners facing hardship from COVID-19 in California are available on the state website.

Evictions due to nonpayment are currently paused in Alameda County. Read more about the steps to remedy nonpayment of rental funds here. And about additional landlord resources in California here.

Apply for the California Homeowner Assistance Fund

The California Mortgage Relief Program (CMRP) was established to provide financial resources to eligible homeowners to eliminate past-due mortgage payments. You may still qualify even if you have received other forms of governmental assistance such as COVID-19 assistance from the CARES Act, Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 or the American Rescue Plan Act. APPLY

Eligibility criteria are available here.

Please note that not all mortgage servicers have signed up yet. You can check this list on the website showing which servicers are currently signed up.

If a borrower applies but the servicer is not yet participating, the current protocol is to put the application on hold for 30 days to wait for the servicer to (hopefully) sign up.

Hayward Youth Poet Laureate

Hayward Poet Laureate Flyer

We are excited to announce the FIRST Hayward Youth Poet Laureate Program!

Are you a teen? Do you live and breathe poetry? We want to hear from you! Introducing the Inaugural process to choose a Youth Poet Laureate for the City of Hayward Teens ages 13-19 who reside in the City of Hayward may submit up to five original works of poetry demonstrating their commitment to the mastery of the art and craft of poetry.

Visit to get the guidelines and submit your poetry!! 

Big thanks to our Supporters and Partners: City of Hayward, County Supervisor Richard Valle District 2, Hayward Unified School District, Hayward Arts Council, Hayward Public Library

StopeWaste Waste Prevention Grant Opportunities

StopWaste Logo

StopWaste is offering grants with a total of $700,000 available in funding, for projects that focus on preventing waste in Alameda County and supporting local communities in these categories: 

  • Reuse & Repair (up to $20,000) 
  • Food Waste Prevention & Recovery (up to $20,000) 
  • Reusable Foodware Pilot Projects ($5,000 to $50,000) 
  • Surplus Food Donation Equipment (nonprofits only, up to $10,000)
  • Reusable Transport Packaging (up to $10,000)  

Businesses, nonprofits, and institutions are eligible for funding, unless noted otherwise

Proposed projects must be located in and/or service the residents and/or businesses of Alameda County.
Deadline for applications is February 25, 2022 at 5 PM.
Applications submitted after 5pm will not be accepted.

Click here for more info:

Temporary Workers Needed for 2022 Election Season

The Human Resource Services Temporary Assignment Pool (TAP) Program is currently recruiting temporary workers for upcoming the upcoming 2022 election season. 

Do you know anyone who may be interested in this great opportunity?

The Registrar of Voters is actively recruiting candidates to serve the community while they work with a great team in a safe environment. Depending on the position, the pay ranges from $24.14 to $25.65 per hour.

Alameda County TAP Program

Various positions are available including instructors, recruiters, data entry, outreach, warehouse - logistics support, drivers, and more. 

Many roles, but not all, require candidates to be bilingual in English and one or more of the following languages: Burmese, Chinese, Hindi, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Mien, Mongolian, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Telugu and Vietnamese.

Interested candidates may apply by using the following link: CLICK HERE TO APPLY and are encouraged to apply immediately as this recruitment may close at any time.

East Bay Healthcare Job Fair

Job Fair Flyer

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland is partnering with Alameda Health System to host a two-part job fair starting February 17th to provide information about what it’s like to work in a healthcare setting, share available jobs, and help recruit to fill open positions across our two institutions. 

Learn more and register at

District 2 Boards and Commissions Openings

Alameda County Boards and Commissions

FOR RESIDENTS OF HAYWARD (INCORPORATED), UNION CITY, NEWARK AND PARTS OF FREMONT. If you're interested in any of these openings or would like more information, please contact Ginny DeMartini at


  • OBJECTIVE: Review and evaluate the Alameda County mental health needs, facilities, services and special problems. Advise the County Board of Supervisors on any aspect of the local mental health programs. Advise the Alameda County Mental Health Director on any aspect of the local mental health programs.  
  • AGENCY: Health Care Services Agency 
  • TERM (SEATS): The term of each member of the Mental Health Advisory Board shall be for three years.  
  • MEETINGS: Third Monday of the month, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Redwood Conference Room, Creekside Plaza, 1100 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA 
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Board members shall be as follows: two members shall be physicians engaged in the private practice of medicine, one of whom shall specialize in psychiatry; nine members shall be persons representative of the public interest in mental health and of those nine, five shall be persons or the parents, spouse, or adult children of persons who have received mental health services; the other five members of the advisory board representative of the public interest shall be selected from the disciplines of psychology, social work, nursing, education, marriage and family counseling, psychiatric technology, criminal justice, hospital or community mental health facility administration and fiscal management.  
  • DISTRICT 2: We have three openings for District 2 residents and are looking for people who are young adults or people with clinical background (could be retired). 


  • OBJECTIVE: To act as an independent advocate for older persons as mandated by the Older Americans Act, and the Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act by taking positions on matters pertaining to federal, state and local policies, programs and procedures, and any legislation affecting older persons. 
  • AGENCY: Social Services Agency 
  • TERM (SEATS): 4 years, and not to exceed 2 four-year terms.  
  • MEETINGS: Monthly, 2nd Monday, 9:30 a.m., 6955 Foothill Blvd #300, Oakland 
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Members shall be older individuals who are participants or who are eligible to participate in programs assisted under this Act, representatives of older individuals, local elected officials, and the general public, to advise continuously the area agency on all matters relating to the development of the area plan, the administration of the plan and operations conducted under the plan. 
  • District 2: One opening available to District 2 residents 


  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the Commission is to help eliminate discrimination and prejudice against women in such areas as housing, employment, health services, childcare, education, transportation, credit, legal rights and community services 
  • AGENCY: Social Services Agency 
  • TERM (SEATS): Two Year Terms  
  • MEETINGS: 10 meetings per year -- 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm; 2000 San Pablo Ave # 445, Oakland 
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a resident and woman who reflects the general population in age, race, religion and socio-economic status.  
  • DISTRICT 2: One seat available to District 2 residents. 

If you're interested in any of these openings or would like more information, please contact Ginny DeMartini at