FREE Paint Supply Kits Available

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FREE Paint Supply Kits Available

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  • Are you a property owner of a home built before 1978?
  • Do you live in Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville or Oakland?
  • Are you planning any DIY home projects?

If you answered yes to ALL of these questions, you may be eligible for a Free Paint Supply Kit that can help you keep your family safe.

With so many houses built before 1978 here in Alameda County, we have to be careful not to disturb or expose hidden lead paint dangers.

Let us help get you started with your Free Paint Supply Kit, which includes:

• Voucher for a Free Paint Supply Kit redeemable at a specified local hardware store
• Easy 4 step lead-safe work practices guide
• Lead Safe Supply List
• Lead Safe Video on how to Prepare a Lead Safe Work Area

Click here to complete your request for a Free Paint Supply Kit.

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*Free Paint Supply Kits are only available to pre-1978 property owners in Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland. **Eligible customers may be eligible for 10% off on discountable items purchased related to painting supplies.

Please visit for more information on this program service or others that you may qualify for.