March Update

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March Update

Message from Supervisor Chucri

The mask policy was not something I took lightly. The Board voted unanimously to implement a countywide mask regulation under its statutory emergency powers for public health- to slow the spread of the virus for hospital bed capacity.

Nine months have passed. I have heard from many people reacting to this Board action ranging from operational questions, thankfulness, and anger.

This virus is very serious. I know firsthand because I was one of many Arizonans that had it. Thankfully now, our families, friends and neighbors are receiving vaccine from the state, the County and our partners at a steady pace. The 7-day average of Maricopa County’s highest case counts were in January at over 6,000. The 7 -day average count now is below 400, almost what it was in May 2020. Now, Arizona’s economy is reopened and we can all be pleased by that. 

Based on this information, I have told many of my constituents over the past month that I believe and support it is time for a re-evaluation of this policy, and to allow mask-wearing to be voluntary not mandatory. If this policy is revisited in the future, many people can and will still choose to wear masks and businesses would continue to have the right to implement their own mask policies. Some did so even prior to this action last year.  I am grateful to all of my constituents who have taken the time to share their opinions on this important issue.

One Million and Counting...

Vaccine doses administered

Last week, more than 1 million Arizonans became fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Maricopa County Public Health and its partners were responsbile for administering over 500,000 COVID-19 vaccines at County PODs across the region. With the increase in vaccine supply we hope to offer vaccinations to everyone in the next couple of months.

Vaccine Opportunites

Thousands of vaccine appointments coming soon

Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) advises checking each day at 8 a.m. when they open up new appointments because of any cancellations.

ADHS announced last week they will make new appointments available each Friday for adults 55 and older at state-run sites.

Anyone 55 and older can get vaccinated at Glendale Community College through Wednesday, March 31.

Closed Events For Grocery Store Workers

Frontline Essential Workers

Do you work in a grocery store or a store that mainly sells food?  Maybe you know someone who does?  If so, you’re eligible to get vaccinated!  Public Health is holding closed vaccine events for these frontline essential workers.

If you have not heard from your employer about an event for you, or you work for a small market, you can find out more at:

Maricopa County Cares

Over the past year, Maricopa County has poured energy, time, resources, and funding into a coordinated emergency response to the pandemic and to the associated economic fallout.  The Board of Supervisors has allocated federal dollars from the CARES Act to support individuals, families, and businesses during this challenging time, including rental and utility assistance, business and nonprofit grants, and more.  The infographic below shows some of the ways we’ve invested in the community.

Maricopa County Cares

New Rent And Utility Assistance Program

Rent & Utility Assistance Program

With the CDC eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of the month, Maricopa County is providing a new way for individuals and families to get help with rent or utility payments.  The County began accepting applications for the federal Emergency Rental Assistance program.  It’s an effort supported by the Board of Supervisors with the goal of preventing evictions.

View program details and find out if you qualify >

Apply online >

Attention 3rd-6th Grade Students!

We're looking for 3rd - 6th grade Maricopa County students to participate in our Stormwater Pollution Prevention Poster Contest.  The theme this year is "Let's Get Busy, Pollution Isn't Pretty!" See details below.

Poster Contest

Steve Chucri, District 2
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors