Protecting Maricopa County Voters

Supervisor Clint Hickman

Protecting Maricopa County Voters

There's been another court ruling in favor of Maricopa County tonight as we work to protect both voter privacy and the integrity of our elections.  Superior Court Judge Randall Warner denied a request from attorneys representing Senate President Karen Fann and Senator Eddie Farnsworth which asked the court to force Maricopa County to comply with two legislative subpoenas.  A hearing to discuss the substance of the subpoenas will happen at a later date.

Today's ruling follows the Board of Supervisors' 4-1 vote last week to seek direction from a court about the scope of the two subpoenas that demand the Board turn over election equipment, private voter information, and images of voter ballots, the secrecy of which is protected under law.  

Every member of the Board of Supervisors has publicly supported a forensic audit of the tabulation equipment once litigation about the General Election ends.

Further, Maricopa County has provided Election Department tours, participated in legislative hearings and meetings, and shared detailed information about election equipment and processes. We have spent weeks explaining how the Elections Department ran elections, how it used the equipment, and how members of all political parties observed that process. In fact, more political party observers were present in this election than ever before.

The false accusations keep coming, yet the accusers have not produced any evidence to prove their accusations in eight different courtrooms.  Maricopa County has shown the 2020 General Election was transparent and the results were free from fraud.