January Newsletter

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January Update

Be Ballot Ready

Eligible Maricopa County voters will have several elections in the coming months. Kicking off the 2020 election season, Tempe and Chandler are holding citywide elections on March 10. The following week, registered Democrats throughout Maricopa County have the opportunity to vote in the Democratic Presidential Preference Election on March 17. As the Presidential Preference Election is not a primary, registered independents are not eligible to vote. The Republican and Libertarian parties have opted out of holding a preference election.

Additionally, all voters should mark their calendars for Arizona’s regular Primary Election on August 4, which is three weeks earlier this year, followed by the General Election on November 3. Check to see if you are Ballot Ready here!

Maricopa County Election Bills

Maricopa County Election Bills

I testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week on a bill that would allow Maricopa County to use modern vote tabulation equipment to improve the way we count ballots. Chairman Clint Hickman also testified before the House Elections Committee on the identical bill. These bills, SB 1135 and HB 2306, passed unanimously out of both House and Senate committees.

Currently, when a person’s vote on a single ballot contest is unclear, our adjudication boards are asked to duplicate entire paper ballots.  These bills authorize counties to use elections systems that are more efficient.  They allow bipartisan adjudication boards to review only the contests in question rather than duplicating an entire ballot. The legislation also creates more accountability by requiring audit marks which are made on a digital image and can be tracked back to each bi-partisan board. The goal is to make sure ballots are counted accurately and as quickly as possible. 

Both bills contain an emergency clause which require a 2/3 vote of each chamber in order to make the bill effective upon signature of the Governor.  This will allow the County to use the new vote tabulation machines in the Tempe and Chandler City Elections on March 10 and the March 17 Presidential Preference Election.

Maricopa County Continues to Hold the Highest Bond Rating

Maricopa County continues to hold a AAA bond rating by the three major credit rating agencies for its continual economic growth and strong financial operation. The credit rating agency, Moody’s Investor Service, acknowledges the county’s stable outlook in supporting tax revenue growth and tax base appreciation. A strong credit rating will allow county bonds to issue lower interest rates and provide financial flexibility.  

All three credit agencies—Fitch, Moody’s, and S&P— mentioned the county’s economic development growth, strong financial management, and consistent liquidity in assigning Maricopa County the highest possible bond ratings.  Fitch noted Maricopa County’s “large and fairly diverse regional economy continues to record gains in population, jobs, and income levels.”

The county’s long-term debt remains consistently low as compared to other government agencies.

AZ Census 2020


The Census isn’t only required by the U.S. Constitution, it’s critical for our state’s future. Census results touch nearly every element of our lives for the next decade, including our roads, schools, and community programs. AZ Census 2020 also affects Arizona’s representation at every level of government from our cities and towns to Washington, DC. By April 1, 2020 every home will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Learn more at:  https://azcensus2020.gov/

Varying Abilities Initiative

Varying Abilities Video

Maricopa County believes in opportunities for people of all abilities. That's why we have partnered with First Place AZ on the Varying Abilities Initiative, which provides adults with autism and other neurodiversities jobs and internships in county government. These placements are temporary, but can lead to permanent work.

Rio Verde Community

Fire Chief

I enjoyed visiting this month with Rio Verde Fire Chief Jay Ducote and the Rio Verde Fire Board Chair George Kattermann to talk about the important services they provide to the community.

Fountain Hills Rotary Club

Ft. Hills

I appreciated the opportunity to speak to the Fountain Hills Rotary Club. The Rotarians are people of action with a motto of "together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves."

Maricopa County Building goes Blue for Human Trafficking Awareness

Blue Building

The Maricopa County Administration Building turned blue every night for the month of January in recognition of Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Governor Doug Ducey signed a proclamation on January 2nd and announced an awareness campaign that includes training for people on the front lines and support for child victims.

The governor’s proclamation states 231 Arizona cases were reported to the national Human Trafficking Hotline in 2018, and 158 of those were for sex trafficking. You can learn more about the Arizona Human Trafficking Council here.

Passing of the Gavel

passing of the gavel

Thank you and congratulations to my colleagues and friends, outgoing Chairman Bill Gates and incoming Chairman Clint Hickman. I look forward to working with them and the rest of my colleagues to make sure the nation’s fastest growing county continues to innovate while prioritizing exceptional service to residents.

Steve Chucri
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 2