Truth about voter fraud and improving voter access

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July Updates: The truth about voter fraud and improving voter access


As I learn more and more about Elections in the United States, I feel increasingly devoted to protecting their integrity in this County. Voters in the United States are faced with threats of their private voter registration information being made public by the White House, and allegations of widespread voter fraud are creating unnecessary doubt surrounding elections.

I can assure voters in Maricopa County that there is no widespread voter fraud, and that their private information will remain private. I encourage you to take a look at the resources provided by the Brennan Center regarding the myth of voter fraud. 

I am committed to improving the voting experience and making voting as accessible as possible for all votersThat is why this November, all the jurisdictional elections will be held as Ballot by Mail elections. Every registered voter that lives in a jurisdiction holding an election will receive a ballot in the mail. Voters choose to vote and return their ballot in the mail, or they can bring it to a Ballot Center to vote in person. They can also request a replacement ballot at a Ballot Center.

Click here for a list of jurisdictions holding elections this fall. Ballot center locations will be posted in the months leading to the elections and will be available at 

With the approval of the Board of Supervisors, we hope to use Ballot Centers again in the fall of 2018 to replace traditional polling places. Voters will be able to vote at any Ballot Center, not just the one they are assigned in their precinct. This will drastically reduce provisional voting.  

We are demoing the new Ballot Center model at our warehouse and welcome you to schedule a tour to see the new equipment and our Elections warehouse. Please email our Community Relations team at to set it up.

Yours in democracy,

Adrian Fontes

Maricopa County Recorder