Still Time to Donate to Schools for Arizona Education Tax Credit on 2016 Taxes






Laurie King, Director of Communications and Learning Systems

Maricopa County Education Service Agency

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Still Time to Donate to Schools for Arizona Tax Credit Portal on 2016 Taxes 

(PHOENIX, AZ) – As the April 18 personal income tax deadline approaches, Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson is urging people to take advantage of the state’s School Tax Credit.

Arizona’s School Tax Credit allows people to donate $200 (for individuals) or $400 (for joint filings) to a school’s extracurricular programs and then subtract that amount from their tax bill, as long as the filer’s tax bill would otherwise equal that amount or more. Tax credits for 2016 can still be claimed until April 15, 2017.

This means taxpayers can help fund classroom field trips, school clubs that focus on robotics or art, extended kindergarten enrichment, tutoring, or a variety of other extra-curricular activities. Donors can select exactly which school and which type of program their donation goes toward.

The MCESA Tax Credit Portal empowers taxpayers to easily donate to Maricopa County public schools.

Superintendent Steve Watson is pleased to continue offering the Tax Credit Portal through MCEA as a convenient donation website for all Maricopa County public schools.

“This is a great way for people in the community to help offer more for our kids, while also receiving a direct benefit in the amount owed for their taxes,” said Watson.

Learn more and donate to any Maricopa County public schools at