For Immediate Release> $60 Million New Dollars Coming To AZ Schools


For Immediate Release


More Than 1,100 Teachers And Principals Eligible For Salary Increases

Phoenix AZ – Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) has secured a multi-million dollar grant from the US Department of Education. The grant provides $60 million dollars to support seven Arizona districts and charters in their efforts to increase educator recruitment and retention. “At a time when our schools face mounting challenges attracting and retaining educators, MCESA is thrilled to secure these resources to assist,” said Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Don Covey.

Roosevelt Elementary School District, Wilson Elementary School District, Nadaburg Unified School District, Mobile Elementary School District, Maricopa County Regional School District, Incito Schools, and Kingman Unified School District are participating in the Rewarding Excellence in Instruction and Leadership- Extend (REIL-Extend) program.

REIL-Extend will improve recruitment and retention of high quality educators by:

  • Developing comprehensive human capital management systems that attract, place, retain, and sustain effective educators;
  • Ensuring all students have equitable access to effective educators by implementing innovative “reach extension” models;
  • Instituting performance-based evaluation and support systems;
  • Implementing a performance-based compensation system based on educator effectiveness;
  • Creating job-embedded and targeted professional learning to ensure educator improvement and retention.

“This award enables MCESA to continue building on the progress we’ve made since 2010 in the areas of recruitment and retention of high-quality educators,” MCESA REIL-Extend Program Manager Dr. Lori Renfro said.

The seven Arizona school districts participating in REIL-Extend represent a diverse group of rural, urban, and special population districts that serve over 22,000 students in 44 schools. More than 1,100 teachers and principals will be eligible for performance-based salary increases awarded annually.

For additional information, contact:

Laurie King, Director of Learning and Communication Systems

(602) 689-0581

Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA), under the direction of Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, is dedicated to ensuring that all school-age children in the county graduate college- and career-ready. MCESA builds alliance partnerships that provide leadership, services and programs in the areas of Educational Innovation, Economic Management and Executive Leadership.