2022 Transporter Newsletter Quarter 1

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Welcome to the team

Please join us in welcoming Zhenia C. Peterson (she/her) to the State of Alaska, DOT&PF Civil Rights Office. Zhenia graduated from Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School in 2012 and got their bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Alaska Anchorage in 2016. Previously to joining CRO, Zhenia worked for Department of Public Health in various Administrative positions, including Chronic Disease and Health Promotion, the Alaska State Public Health Laboratory, and the COVID Admin Team. Prior to joining the state, Zhenia has over 7 years of experience as an organizer in the community in causes like reproductive rights and grassroots civil rights movements. With their administrative background and passion for civil justice and equity, Zhenia is a great addition to our team. They look forward to ensuring that transportation services are provided in a non-discriminatory manner and to Keep Alaska Moving!

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) FFY 2021-2023 DBE Goal Methodology Update

As of the close of business Friday December 3rd, 2021, the Civil Rights Office concluded the public comment period for the proposed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) FFY 2021-2023 DBE Goal Methodology. No public comments on the proposed methodology were offered by public comment prior to the end of the comment period.

The proposed DBE goal is 10.56% to be achieved through race-neutral means. The CRO has submitted the methodology to the FAA for review and concurrence. The CRO will work with the FAA Office of Civil Rights, on any recommended guidance. A copy of the Goal Methodology is available on the Civil Rights Office website.

DBE To-Do List

Bidder Registration 

Annually, all firms are required to submit a Bidder's Registration Form before an Alaska DOT&PF project can be awarded. Email completed form to: Taylor White at taylor.white@alaska.gov. 

Plan Holders Self-Registration List

Don’t forget to self-register for the Plan Holder Self-Registration List! This list allows DBEs, SBEs, and non-DBE subcontractors and consultants to self-register as interested in bidding on a project.  Click below to learn more:

Notification of Change Requirement for Currently Approved DBEs

All DBEs must inform CRO in writing of any change in circumstances affecting firm's ability to meet size, disadvantaged status, ownership, or control requirements of the DBE program or any material change in the information provided in your application form. Changes can include: 

  • Firm's ownership and/or control
  • Firm is requesting additional NAICS codes
  • Other significant changes

You must attach supporting documentation describing in detail the nature of any changes and/or supporting the addition of your request for any new NAICS codes. You must provide the written notification within 45 days of the occurrence of the change. 

Using the Annual No Change Declaration Form, email all changes to Sarah Starzec at sarah.starzec@alaska.gov. If your document is greater than 4MB, you can submit to State of Alaska Dropbox.

Annual Submission Requirement for Currently Approved DBEs

Annually, all certified DBEs are required to submit the following documents prior to their anniversary date:

Submit the Annual Submission Requirement via email to: Sarah Starzec at sarah.starzec@alaska.gov. If your document is greater than 4MB, you can submit to State of Alaska Dropbox.

We aspire to send all certified vendors an email reminder 30 days prior to your anniversary date. However, this is not always possible and should not be relied upon. We strongly recommend that your DBE anniversary date be added to your internal company calendar to keep track of the date by which your annual update is due. As a reminder, please keep your email address current with us. 

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Transition to AASHTOWare Project 

As a reminder, the CRO has transitioned to using AASHTOWare Project for all our record keeping. All DBEs must be registered on the Alaska DOT&PF AASHTOWare Project Vendor List.

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Welcome New DBE Firms
  • Galaxy Wire & Cable, Inc.
  • Coho Integrated Solutions, LLC
  • UrbanTrans Consultants, Inc.
  • 4Transit, Inc.
  • Florida Cleaning Systems, Inc.
  • Grant Writers, LLC
  • RC Plowing & Trucking, LLC

Civil Rights Office Update

We’re excited to announce that Civil Rights Office will be changing divisions to the Operate within Statewide Design & Engineering Services. This change won’t affect the way we serve our DBE firms, but it will help the CRO work more closely with our construction engineering counterparts on the DOT&PF team!

2022 Title VI Nondiscrimination Program Plan

Title VI Nondiscrimination Program Plan

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Civil Rights Office (Alaska DOT&PF CRO) assures that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance, as required by:

The Alaska DOT&PF has submitted the new FFY2022 Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan to The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Alaska Division Office, as required by 23 CFR § 200.9.

The Alaska DOT&PF will make every effort to ensure nondiscrimination in all of its federally funded programs and activities and that services and benefits are fairly distributed to all people, regardless of race, color, or national origin.

Happy New Year!