Implementation of New Licensing Requirement for an Adult Mental Health Treatment Program

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As part of the 1115 Waiver, a new level of care was established for mental health care and Adult Mental Health Treatment services were added in May 2020. While initially there was not a requirement for licensure, it has been determined that Adult Mental Health Treatment programs meet the definition of an Assisted Living home. State of Alaska statutes 47.33 and 47.32require that agencies that meet the definition of an Assisted Living Home require a license to operate, thus Adult Mental Health Treatment programs will be required to obtain an Assisted Living Home license . The Division of Behavioral Health recognizes that while there are some similarities in the structure of an Assisted Living Home and an Adult Mental Health Treatment program, there are some key differences and some requirements need a variance.  Working with the Department of Law, and Health Care services the components that require variance have been identified and are attached.

Current Adult Mental Health Residential Providers:

Agencies already operating as an Adult Mental Health Treatment program will need to complete the full application for a license within 90 days of this notice in order to continue to bill for services. Please reach out to the Division if you have any questions or concerns regarding the variance.   

New Providers for Adult Mental Health Residential Services:

Agencies wanting to offer this service that have not applied for Departmental approval as of 15 Dec 21 will be required to obtain a license prior to receiving approval to bill for these services.  The Division recommends that agencies wanting to onboard this service apply for the ALH license (with the approved variances) at the same time they apply to the DBH for level of care approval. This will allow for simultaneous reviews of the applications, but agencies will not receive final approval from DBH until they are granted licensure as an ALH.

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Mental Health Clinician III
Policy, Planning and Regulations
Division of Behavioral Health
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