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AKAIMS Agencies


On May 18, 2021, the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) issued a press release which identified the dhss.alaska.gov website as the target of a Cyberattack. AKAIMS is one of the systems that was taken offline. At present time the extent of the cyberattack is under assessment with state staff in concert with federal authorities. The date that we can restore access to AKAIMS, and other public facing applications is under review. The department and the division will continue to release notifications as information becomes verified while respecting the limitations of the continued investigation. To provide support for the AKAIMS Electronic Health Record Community, the Division of Behavioral Health is offering the following guidance as temporary processes while AKAIMS is offline.


Encounter Notes/Progress Notes


Contemporaneous documentation regulations are still in effect. Please document and sign paper versions of the forms. While there is a document upload section in AKAIMS for said forms to be stored electronically, (once the system is back online), you may wish to enter those notes into the regular AKAIMS “notes” section and reference the uploaded document in the body of the note if you use AKAIMS reports to QA internal processes.




Agencies have the option to either wait for AKAIMS to become available to submit their billing electronically (837) and receive an electronic remittance advice (835). Organizations may elect to manually enter their billings directly into Optum through Provider Express at: https://www.providerexpress.com/content/ope-provexpr/us/en.html. Although, submitting through Provider Express will not create an 837/835, and will need to be manually reconciled once AKAIMS is online. However, it does offer agencies a method for maintaining payment for delivered services while the system is down.


Treatment Plans


For clients with treatment plans expiring during the period AKAIMS is down, please create a new version of the treatment plan on the paper form and sign off on it. Similar to the aforementioned notes, the document can be uploaded. However, you may wish to create a standard AKAIMS digital version for full functionality once the system is online. If you need a list of clients who are due or will come due for a new treatment plan in the near future, please contact Sandy Warren at sandra.warren@alaska.gov or (907) 269-3601. Ms. Warren will then send you the list via DSM or MoveIT.




ISA submissions due during the month of May to meet the 30-day requirement have been extended until June 30th, 2021.


If you need the paper forms referenced in this message, you can find them attached to the GovDelivery Memo at:



DHSS released a contact information for the public, federal partners and providers, and will continue its outreach as the situation evolves.



Thank you,

Patrick Swiger

Information System Coordinator

State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Division of Behavioral Health

Office: 907.269.3608

Email: patrick.swiger@alaska.gov