EMS Vitals, Alaska Office of EMS Official Guidance October 2020

EMS Vitals: Alaska EMS, Forward TogetherOffice of EMS Guidance

Please check out the latest certification, education, training and COVID-19 guidance issued by the Office of EMS.

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Updated Certification Extension Guidance for Providers, Ocotber 15, 2020

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Alaska EMS Regulations Update, Frequently Asked Questions: Revised October 2020

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Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Quick Sheet for EMS Providers

To review all recent guidance issued by the Alaska Office of EMS regarding the COVID-19 response, please visit the State of Alaska Office of Emergency Medical Services website here.

Be sure to access the latest COVID-19 information on the updated Alaska COVID-19 DHSS website.

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To make sure you receive the latest information about your Alaska EMS certification please make sure your email contact information is up to date in the EMS Certification Management System.Thank you.


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