Section 1115 Waiver Update e-Memo - Provider Enrollment Helpful Hints

Dear Provider:

As you know, the 1115 SUD waiver services requires an individual to complete a Qualified Behavioral Health Professional Provisional Provider Application to render services. Once approved, these provisional applications for a Qualified Addiction Professional or Peer Support Specialist are good for three years. It is expected the individual will complete the certification they were working towards within that three years. It is also expected the individual will immediately enroll with Alaska Medicaid and affiliate their individual enrollment to an approved 1115 SUD provider group.


In our most recent review, DBH has discovered that many of the approved applicants have not enrolled with Alaska Medicaid yet. To assist individuals with not losing time associated to their provisional requirement, DBH will add an expiration date to each approval letter. If the individual does not enroll with Alaska Medicaid within 90 days of receiving a provisional approval letter, the approval will expire and the individual will need to reapply at a later date if they choose to work providing 1115 SUD waiver services.


At this time we ask each agency that received provisional approval letters for individuals within your group to move forward with enrolling and affiliating the individuals so they do not lose time to attain their certification. If the individual has left employment or will not be providing the services as initially thought then no action is required and the current approval letter will expire.


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Dear Provider,

This e-mail has been generated by staff from the Division of Behavioral Health. Please do not reply to this e-mail as replies are not monitored.