WCFH Parent Engagement Training

Governor's Council on Disabilities & Special Education Announcement

Super Parents Needed!

Parents of young children, parents that want to make a difference in their home, school and community.


Parent Engagement Training housed at the Section of Women, Children, and Family Health (WCFH) is developing 20 short, 15 minute, self-paced online learning modules based upon proven advocacy trainings, to promote parent engagement and expand parent confidence in advocating for their children.

Goal of the parent training:

To fully engage parents, especially those in low-income and rural communities, in the development and education of young children and in the successful transitions to elementary school, it is important to develop their role as advocates through parent engagement training; Parent engagement leads to better education and educational choice.

How it will work:

The focus of the training will be on providing education for parents and other caregivers on how to be active, positive advocates, self-advocates and partners with those who make early childhood systems policies. During this first phase of the project, WCFH is working with the UAA Center for Human Development on developing the curriculum into an asynchronous online training that parents can access when they want and take at their own pace.  In the Fall 2019, the parents will be asked to complete four 15-minute modules prior to 1.5-hour videoconferences, available through their computers, tablets or cell phones via Zoom, where they will expand and deepen their knowledge regarding child development and how to advocate for their child. Parent stipends will be available via the Center for Human Development for those that complete the training.

What we will do:

  • Meet monthly for 5 months in the fall via zoom videoconferencing technology – you can join us right from your smart phone, tablet, pc or laptop
  • Review 4 or 5 15-minute online parent training modules on your own and discuss the process and the information in the modules during our ZOOM meetings
  • Trainings will be online & asynchronous; can be viewed/completed at any time that is convenient for the parent
  • Parent stipends available to those parents who commit their valuable time to our training project


Who we are looking for:

Parents of children who are birth to eight yrs. old. We are looking for a diverse group of parents able to represent ALL families – traditional, non-traditional, alternative, single parenting (fathers too), skip-generation parenting, cohabitation, same-sex parenting, LGBTQ, mixed immigration families, and any other family types.

Please contact John Cartwright at john.cartwright@alaska.gov or at 907-334-2420 if you or someone you know is interested and available to participate.