Section 1115 Waiver Update e-Memo - Enrollment Site Visits

Dear Provider:


Thank you for your feedback and questions related to provider enrollment site visits.  As you are aware, site visits are a required component of Medicaid Enrollment as well as Enrollment Re-Validation for existing Medicaid providers.  As with all great change, periodic review processes such as Enrollment Re-Validation have collided with the site review process required for 1115 SUD waiver Medicaid enrollment.


Please be advised these are two distinct reviews that will occur during one site visits to reduce redundancy.


Types of site visits are as follows:

Enrollment Re-Validation – this process began in late winter/ early spring when each Medicaid provider was required to “re-validate” the agency enrollment(s). 

1115 SUD waiver Medicaid Enrollment – as stated in several teleconferences and our current trainings, the 1115 Enrollment for your agency cannot be completed until a site visit is completed.  This is separate from the re-validation site visit.   


Who is completing the Site Visits:

In Fairbanks and Juneau only – DBH will conduct in person site visits for both 1115 and Re-Validation enrollment and re-enrollment.  These are the only locations a DBH staff person will complete the visit.


The remainder of the state – The Division of Health Care Services (DHCS) will contact each agency to schedule a “face-time” site visit for both re-validation and 1115 agency enrollment.  At times in the Southcentral area, DHCS staff may come in-person, please allow the DHCS staff member to survey your facility.  As we work to streamline this process we greatly appreciate your patience.


If you have any questions please reach out to the Medicaid Section email at



Terry Roth
DBH Medicaid Section Manager / Tribal Liaison
(907) 269-7826
Cell: (907)744-3707