Section 1115 Waiver Update e-Memo

Good Morning,

The Division is announcing Medicaid payment rates for 1115 Waiver services effective July 1, 2019, as part of the SUD component of 1115 Medicaid demonstration waiver.  The services identified under the 1115 waiver represent a critical first step toward increasing the behavioral health continuum of care available across the state.  We are excited about the opportunity for our behavioral health providers to grow the suite of services available to the most vulnerable Alaskans with rates that closely reflect the true cost of providing service. 

Please note the waiver services DBH is adding to the fee schedule are in addition to the state plan program benefits with existing rates.  Prior authorization will be required for concurrent services.  The attached rate sheet will govern the rates reimbursed for identified existing, expanded and new services available effective July 1, 2019 for providers and early adopters phasing in with Region I.

Providers are encouraged to closely review the 1115 SUD waiver rates.  Please take this opportunity to look over the rates to new services identified in the 1115 Implementation Plan and in the provider notification issued on May 8, 2019.  Medicaid payment rates identified are specific to phase I services available July 1, 2019.

For your convenience the link to the 1115 Implementation Plan and the provider notice has been attached.  

Farina Brown

Deputy Director, Division of Behavioral Health
Alaska Department of Health and Social Services