Approved Alaska 1115 SUD Waiver Implemtation Plan

DBH is very pleased to announce that we have received approval from the Center for Medicaid Services for the Substance Use Disorder Implementation Plan for the Division of Behavioral Health 1115 Waiver Demonstration Project. The approved implementation plan can be viewed on the DBH website at:


The plan describes milestones and activities required to implement the SUD implementation plan with a target date of July 1 2019 implementation for SUD services.  Concurrently, the Division is engaged in continuing negotiations with the Center for Medicaid Services for waiver services for Population (1) Children, Adolescents and their Parents or Caretakers with, or at risk of, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and Population (2) Transitional Age Youth and Adults with Acute Mental Health Needs.


We also encourage interested parties to sign up for the 1115 Medicaid Behavioral Health Waiver E-notices under DBH 1115 Waiver.