East Bay BRT: March Construction Update

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Bus Rapid Transit

82nd Ave Rendering

Construction of the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project (BRT) is progressing.  While we certainly welcome the much-needed rain, it has construction a bit off schedule. Nevertheless, we're back on track this week!  Weather permitting, and barring any unexpected issues in the field, here are the areas we expect to be working in going into March: 

Zone 8: Oakland – International Blvd. between 41st and 52nd Avenues.   

Work began on Monday, February 27th as follows:   

  • International Blvd between 42nd & High St. 
  • 45th & International Blvd. 
  • 48th & International Blvd. 
  • 50th & International Blvd. 
  • 52nd & International Blvd.  

Zone 10: Oakland - International Blvd. between 62nd & 71st Avenues.   Work is expected to start next week as follows:  

    • 62nd & International Blvd. 
    • 63rd & International Blvd. 
    • 65th& International Blvd. 
    • 66th & International Blvd. 
    • 67th & International Blvd. 
    • 71st & International Blvd
    • 72nd & International Blvd. 
    • 73rd & International Blvd.   

    Zone 12: Oakland - International Blvd. between 82nd and 94th Avenues.  Work began January 17th; several corners between these blocks have already been upgraded.  Work is ongoing.  Upcoming work areas are as follows: 

      • 82nd & International Blvd. 
      • 83rd & International Blvd. 
      • 87th & International Blvd. 
      • 88th & International Blvd. 
      • 89th & International Blvd. 
      • 90th & International Blvd. 
      • 92nd & International Blvd. 
      • 94th & International Blvd.             

      Zone 14: San Leandro - E. 14th St. between Durant and Davis and Davis St. between
      E. 14th and San Leandro Blvd.  Work is expected to start in early March as follows:  

        ·         Davis & E. 14th Street

        ·         Hays & Davis

        ·         Carpentier & Davis

        ·         E. 14th & Chumalia

        ·         Clark & Davis

        ·         Select areas on E14th between Dutton and Broadmoor

          Construction activity in the locations listed above will primarily include sidewalk demolition and restoration; new ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps; infrastructure upgrades for traffic signal and street lighting; select tree removal; and utility verification.  

          To ensure safety of drivers, pedestrians and the construction workers, traffic control measures including temporary reduction of traffic lanes in select locations will be implemented.  Please follow all traffic, parking and pedestrian safety signs and look out for lane closures in select areas within each construction zone.  

          Corridor-wide Pre-Construction Activities 
          In addition to the zone-specific construction activities mentioned above, our contractor is also working on corridor-wide "pre-construction" activities which are equivalent to preparing a work area for future construction.  These activities include utility verification which means the crews are verifying the location of underground utilities so that they know where and where not to dig when they start the major construction work.  This is a critical step to ensure safety and accuracy.   

            Lastly, construction will also involve the removal of some existing trees and planting of new ones.  When construction is completed, the BRT project will plant 285 new trees; over 100 more trees in total than there are on the corridor today. Tree removals are expected to be completed in mid-March.

            To learn more, visit brt.actransit.org, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.