Every Student Succeeds Act Newsletter: May 15, 2017

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Chris Reykdal

Every Student Succeeds Act Newsletter

Welcome! In our new twice-monthly update, OSPI and the ESSA team will update you on what's new with ESSA, the Consolidated Plan, and our movement towards submission in September. 

Superintendent Reykdal Update on ESSA

Superintendent Chris Reykdal has recorded an update addressing changes at OSPI, progress on the budget, and current progress of the Every Student Succeeds Act. The 20-minute video was originally recorded for the Washington State School Directors' Association, and goes into detail on the work ahead for the Accountability Systems Workgroup, introduces the recently convened Technical Advisory Committee, and outlines the path ahead as OSPI moves to complete the plan before submission on September 18, 2017. Watch the video on YouTube.

Reykdal YouTube Screengrab

A Closer Look at ESSA: Participation Rate

OSPI recently launched their new ESSA blog, as a part of the agency's new Medium page. In this new article, we look at one of the tasks facing the recently reconvened Accountability System Workgroup: Participation Rate. Specifically, what should Washington do when faced with a school that doesn't have 95% of it's students taking state assessments, a requirement in the Every Student Succeeds Act. If less than 95% of students take assessments, it can skew the results in the accountability index, potentially masking groups that may need more resources. Read the full story on our Medium page.

A Closer Look at ESSA: Tier Names

ESSA also allows Washington the opportunity to change the way their accountability index works. The ASW is working to make a recommendation to Superintendent Reykdal on what they think Washington should adopt, both the number of tiers and the names of the tiers. The workgroups are using the work of other states to guide their plans, which we run down in our article. Read the full story on our Medium page.

Social Media Round-Up

Don't do the whole social media thing? Below are four infographics that we recently shared, with some stats from the ESSA draft Consolidated Plan public comment period.