MSRB Monthly Update - January 2013

MSRB Monthly Update - January 2013
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You can learn more about planned enhancements to the EMMA website in the MSRB's 2012 Annual Report.

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2012 Annual Report

The MSRB's Long-Range Plan for Market Transparency establishes a vision for developing EMMA into a central hub for the municipal securities market through the development of new information and features.

Read the plan.

MSRB Long Range Plan

The EMMA® Website

The MSRB's Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website is a comprehensive, centralized online source for free access to municipal disclosures, market transparency data and educational materials about the municipal securities market. 

EMMA Market Statistics

In February 2012, the MSRB published a detailed blueprint for the future of the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website. "EMMA 2.0" will build upon the success of the website since 2009 to bring enhanced transparency and efficiency to the municipal securities market. Read on to learn more about four recent enhancements to EMMA.


1. MyEMMA: Customized Access to EMMA


MyEMMA is a free tool that provides customized access to municipal securities information available on the EMMA website. MyEMMA provides personalized access to an alerts dashboard to sign up for, view and manage alerts that provide updates when information about an individual security or group of securities becomes available on EMMA. MyEMMA also allows users to save and modify frequently used search criteria.

Learn more about MyEMMA.


2. Enhanced EMMA Search Capabilities

With the enhanced search capabilities on EMMA, users can enter a combination of descriptive characteristics about municipal securities to search for specific bonds using the search link on the primary navigation bar on every page in EMMA. Search filters help users identify municipal securities that meet certain criteria such as maturity date, credit rating and interest rate. EMMA users can also search for bonds that traded during a certain period of time and at a particular price and yield.

The enhanced search provides a powerful tool for finding securities and supplements the Quick Search provided on each page of EMMA for conducting CUSIP-based or text searches, as well as the search functions that focus on market activity data, such as trade activity.

Learn more about EMMA's enhanced search capabilities.


EMMA Enhanced Search

3. EMMA® Trade Monitor for State and Local Governments

EMMA Trade Monitor

The EMMA® Trade Monitor is a tool that enables state and local governments to export trade data from the EMMA website to a desktop application for analysis of secondary market bond trading activity. State and local governments can use the downloaded data to analyze the prices, yield and amount of secondary market trade activity of municipal bonds in support of, among other things, evaluating pricing for their new issues.

Learn more about the EMMA® Trade Monitor.


4. 529 College Savings Plan Display

An interactive map accessible from the primary navigation bar on every page in EMMA allows individuals interested in learning about 529 college savings plans to quickly and easily access information about plans in each state. EMMA provides access to 529 plan disclosure documents that describe each plan’s investment options, fees and expenses and any state tax benefits.

Find 529 college savings plan information on EMMA.


529 Plans on EMMA

The MSRB has made a long-term commitment to ensure that its flagship EMMA website remains aligned with the needs of the municipal market and responsive to changes. Public feedback and input is welcomed as EMMA 2.0 continues to take shape.