March is National Reading Month- Tips to Share With Parents

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illustration of young boy reading in a soft chair with books around and a puppy looking on

March is National Reading Month


This is great month to incorporate family engagement with reading since March is National Reading Month.  You can share these tips with families.

  • Read Aloud - as kids are growing up, making reading aloud part of your daily routine.
  • Encourage interaction - When reading to your child, pause every now and then to ask questions about the story, wonder aloud about alternate endings or propose new character names.
  • Take a field trip to the library weekly - make weekly trips to the library to find fun books. Let them follow their interests. Check with your local library for activities to promote reading.
  • Introduce your own childhood favorites - Remember those timeless classics your couldn't get enough of as a kid? Your excitement for those old beloved stories are sure to rub off on your child.