How to Grow Lifelong Readers (March 3)

Tuesday Tips

young boy reading a book. book is illuminated and shining on the boys face

How to Grow Lifelong Readers


March is National Reading month.  You can instill a lifelong love of reading any time of the year.

We know that it is important for our families to raise children who love to read.  We also know that it can be challenging to persuade your children to read and fall in love with it.  Most children don’t understand why reading is important. It is rare to find a child that is intrinsically motivated to read. We are here to help!

  • Pick a series: introduce children to a series of books so they will get hooked and read more and more!
  • Create healthy competition: children will become more familiar with the content because they have a chance to win a prize!
  • Use books that are accessible to more children: graphic novels are a great way to get reluctant readers excited about reading.
  • Make field trips out of going to the library: children get excited about having their own library card, checking out books and bringing them home. Having books in the home creates an environment that makes children excited to read.