Tips to Keep Your Family Fit Indoors

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young girl moving through a maze of red paper tape strung across the home hallway.   laser maze game

Tips To Keep Your Family Fit Indoors


Scholastics ( suggest the following strategies to get your family moving all year-round.

  1. Designate an indoor action spot. If you have room, set aside a portion of your basement or family room for active play. Put up an indoor basketball hoop, tape a hopscotch outline to the floor, or make a track for ride-on toys.
  2. Move every day. Dancing, housework, and climbing stairs all help you stay fit and don't require extra room or gear. Have your child dance along to a workout tape or just some rockin' tunes or blast some music and parade through the house playing follow the leader.
  3. Find community resources. Try bowling, ice skating, swimming, or other indoor options. Check out whether your child's school or a local university or community center offer an "open gym" time, where you can go and shoot hoops or use other equipment.
  4. Be a cheerleader. In one study of 200 students in grades 2 through 11, kids of all ages said they wanted their parents to help them stay active. So, whether you join in the games or shout words of support from the sidelines, show your child that activity is a priority every day.

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