Manage your child's routine during the holiday season

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kids playing in the snow

Manage your Child's Routine During the Winter Break


  1. Develop a game plan for screen time: There may be more access to television, computers and mobile devices at home while children are on their winter break from school. One way to manage this is with an age- appropriate screen time plan.
  2. Plan for group activity: It’s up to parents during the winter break to find a substitute for the physical activity that is part of a child’s normal daycare or school curricula. Prepare for the indoor and outdoor options in your area by having the right rain or snow gear and attire available.
  3. Enjoy the moment; Many of the frenetic activities we take part in during the winter vacation are not meant to take center stage, but often do. Focus on creating memories with your child. It’s a great opportunity to make the break from your routines special instead of stressful.