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Here’s your periodic update on News from NIAID-Supported Institutions. The following links will take you to the institution’s press release:

H1N1 Discovered in Marine Mammals 
May 15, 2013—University of California, Davis

Pitt Transplant Experts Challenge Assumption, Describe Biological Pathway That Leads To Organ Rejection 
May 15, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Research Team Publishes New Methods for Synthetic Generation of Influenza Vaccines 
May 15, 2013—J. Craig Venter Institute

Inovio Pharmaceuticals DNA Vaccine Against Ebola and Marburg Filoviruses Provides Complete Protection in Preclinical Challenge Study 
May 14, 2013—Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Newly Described Type of Immune Cell and T cells Share Similar Path to Maturity, According to New Penn Study 
May 13, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine

Using Bacteria to Stop Malaria 
May 9, 2013—Michigan State University

UR Named Center for AIDS Research by the National Institutes of Health 
May 9, 2013—University of Rochester

Bacteria Organize According to “Rich-Get-Richer” Principle 
May 9, 2013—Northwestern University

Study Finds that Bacteria Organize According to “Rich-Get-Richer” Principle 
May 9, 2013—UCLA

New Malaria Tool Shows Which Kids at Greatest Risk 
May 8, 2013—Michigan State University

Immune Cells that Suppress Genital Herpes Infections Identified 
May 8, 2013—Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

UD-Led Team Develops Mathematical Model to Measure Hidden HIV 
May 7, 2013—University of Delaware

The Brain-Gut Connection: A Link Between Depression and Common Hospital-Acquired Infection 
May 7, 2013—University of Michigan Health System

Corgenix Gains CE Mark for ReLASV® Antigen Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Lassa Fever 
May 7, 2013—Corgenix Medical Corporation

Competing Antibodies May Have Limited the Protection Achieved in HIV Vaccine Trial in Thailand 
May 6, 2013—Duke Human Vaccine Institute

Vaccine Reduces Pneumococcal Disease but Not Bacterial Population 
May 5, 2013—Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

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