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NIH Funds Study of Beta Blockers in Treating Asthma 
April 19, 2013—Baylor College of Medicine

Researchers Use Web 2.0 Apps to Share Vaccine Study 
April 18, 2013—Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

Why Does Smallpox Vaccine Shield Some, Not Others? It's in the Genes, Mayo Finds 
April 18, 2013—Mayo Clinic

Discovery May Help Prevent HIV 
April 17, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

University of Southern California Scientists Reveal Natural Process that Blocks Viruses From Entering the Body 
April 17, 2013—Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

Haiti Cholera Mutations Could Lead to More Severe Disease 
April 16, 2013—Northwestern Medicine 
TGen-Led Study Discovers Dramatic Changes in Bacteria Following Male Circumcision 
April 16, 2013—The George Washington University
Researchers Discover Biomarker for Devastating Intestinal Disease Found in Early Preterm Infants 
April 15, 2013—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

MCW Researcher to Study Evasive Immune Strategies of Herpes Viruses 
April 12, 2013—Medical College of Wisconsin

Blocking a Key Protein Boosts Immune System's Ability to Clear Chronic Infection 
April 11, 2013—UCLA

Tuberculosis Fighter and Promoter Reveals What’s Behind Its Split Identity 
April 11, 2013—University of Washington

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find Interferon, One of the Body’s Own Proteins, Induces Persistent Viral Infection   
April 11, 2013—Scripps Research Institute

Discovery Points to New Approach to Fight Dengue Virus 
April 11, 2013—Purdue University

Scientists Use Nature Against Nature to Develop an Antibiotic with Reduced Resistance 
April 10, 2013—The Rockefeller University

Inovio Pharmaceuticals and U.S. Army Receive $3.5 Million Biodefense Grant to Further Develop Mass Vaccination Device 
April 10, 2013—Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

USF Study Finds Plant Proteins Control Chronic Disease in Toxoplasma Infections 
April 8, 2013—University of South Florida

Vaccine Adjuvant Uses Host DNA to Boost Pathogen Recognition 
April 5, 2013—National Jewish Health

Highly Lethal Ebola Virus Has Achilles' Heel for Biothreat Detection, Scientists Say 
April 5, 2013—Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Revealing the Weapons by which Bacteria Fight Each Other 
April 4, 2013—Umeå University

Scissor-Like Enzyme Points Toward Treatment of Infectious Disease 
April 4, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Hepatitis A Virus Discovered to Cloak Itself in Membranes Hijacked from Infected Cells 
April 4, 2013—UNC Health Care System

Antibody Evolution Could Guide HIV Vaccine Development 
April 4, 2013—Los Alamos National Laboratory

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