Caring for Someone with the Flu

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Caring for Someone with the Flu

Mother cares for her child

Flu season is here, which means you or someone you know may be caring for someone with the flu.

Make sure the sick person follows any instructions given by his or her health care provider and takes all medications as directed. You can make the sick person more comfortable by following our treatment recommendations.

It’s also important to keep yourself and others healthy when there is a sick person in your house.

Keep the sick person away from other people as much as possible, especially those who are at high risk of complications from the flu. You can do this in your home by creating a sick room. If you have more than one bathroom, have the sick person use one and well people use the other. Clean the sick room and bathroom daily with household disinfectant.

Get immediate medical care if the sick person experiences severe symptoms.

Everybody can do their part to help prevent the spread of germs and protect themselves from the flu. Follow us on Twitter (@FluGov) for the latest information on this flu season.