SD Miss Bankr: Update Re: Status of U.S. Bankruptcy Court Operations- Southern District of Mississippi

The US District Court for the Southern District has extended the time period for the Special Order entered on March 13, 2020, that established certain requirements for entry into federal courthouses. The Special Order will remain in effect through May 31, 2020.

There are two key requirements for attorneys or other parties with business before the Bankruptcy Court at a federal courthouse in the Southern District:

  1. Attorneys are now required to perform a screening (per a checklist in the Special Order) for COVID-19 risk factors related to themselves and any individuals that accompany attorneys at the courthouse.  If an attorney identifies a risk factor, the attorney is required to notify chambers (or the Trustee for Meetings of Creditors) at least 24 hours before the scheduled proceeding (or Meeting of Creditors).

  2. The United States Marshal Service will continue screening all courthouse visitors for risk factors identified in the special order. 

Danny L. Miller
Clerk of Court