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New Country Limitation Schedule (CLS) as of January 19, 2012

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Ex-Im Bank Annual Conference

February 2012

Case Study: Greece Single Buyer (ESS) Policies Supplement a Private Policy

A small business client of International Risk Consultants (IRC) uses single buyer (ESS) policies to supplement their private sector credit insurance policy, when they are unable to get the cover they require

The Parthenon, Greece
 from their private insurer.  They began using ESS policies during the 2008/2009 financial crisis and have continued to do so ever since, while still maintaining their private policy.
The exporter's ESS policies cover buyers in Greece, Turkey, and El Salvador.  Their largest concentration of buyer risks placed with us is in Greece, with over $1 million in aggregate policy limits of liability.  The solution is a win-win for all parties!

40 Brokers Close Express Insurance Policies

During the 10 months since the launch of Express Insurance, 40 different broker firms have closed Express policies with us.  Meridian Finance Group, the top Express broker, has 27 policies, out of 204 Express policies in total.

Broker Training Report

Golden Gate Bridge
Our California broker trainings on February 7 and 9 in Irvine and San Francisco were attended by over 25 brokers and bankers in total.  Thank you for your attendance and support of Ex-Im Bank.
The training course “Trade Finance Solutions for Lenders and Exporters” scheduled for March 12 and 13, as well as the “Insurance Broker Training” scheduled for March 14, in our DC headquarters have been cancelled.   
The next Broker Training in DC will be on May 9, and registration is available on our website here.  Inactive brokers not currently listed on our Active Broker List who attend the training will be listed on the website again for a period of one year following the training.  In addition, any registered broker who attends the broker training (cost $99) will be eligible to attend the prior 2-day course "Trade Finance Solutions for Lenders and Exporters" at no charge (normal price $499).

Global Credit Express (GCE) Pilot Loan Program

In early March, Ex-Im Bank will launch a new pilot program, Global Credit Express (GCE).  Working with their existing lenders, small businesses will be able to apply directly to Ex-Im Bank for loans of up to $500,000, for up to 12 months. During its pilot stage, which will run a minimum of 12 months and provide $100 million in incremental liquidity, the program will be offered through these lenders: Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, CFS International Capital Corporation, HSBC USA, Mb Financial, PNC Bank, Regions Financial Corporation, Silicon Valley Bank, and UPS Capital Business Credit.  At the end of the pilot phase, this first-ever Ex-Im Bank direct loan program for small business will be carefully evaluated to determine viability and potential for a larger, permanent program, and to re-shape it where needed.  

Export credit insurance will be required for some GCE loans, and the export credit insurance premium discount of 25% which applies to our Working Capital Guarantee customers will also apply to GCE customers.

We Accept Broker Application Forms

 If your client has completed your own application form or questionnaire, you have the option of sending the completed application to your local Ex-Im Regional Office who will input the application in to Ex-Im Online for you to allow you to get a policy quotation from us.

Reminder of Financial Institution Buyer Credit (FIBC) Policy Program Changes

The new pricing for Financial Institution Buyer Credit (FIBC) policies as of December 1 2011 is available on our website here Please note there are now two separate tables – one for FIBC policies, and one for bank letter of credit (ELC) and single buyer (ESS) policies.
Our Short-Term Credit Standards (STCS) have also been updated to include our new underwriting criteria for FIBC policies.  Please pay special attention to Table C entitled, “Guarantee and Collateral Requirements for Non-Financial Institution Risk FIBC Policies” on page 9, and Table F (3) entitled, “STCS for Non-Financial Institution Buyers/Obligors” on page 17. 
If you have any questions about these changes, contact Arnold Chow on 202 565 3636.

Ex-Im Bank Annual Conference

Annual Broker Conference

The annual Ex-Im Bank Broker Conference will be held in our headquarters building on Wednesday April 11 in the afternoon.  To confirm your attendance, please provide your name, company name, and email address to Shontelle Bragg on 202 565 3710.  More details, such as exact timing, agenda, and room details, will be provided to all brokers by email in March. 
If you have suggestions for topics to be covered at the conference, please contact Amy Shinkman on 202 565 3413.  We want the conference to be useful to you!