Office of Ed Tech Update: March 2013

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Newsletter of the Office of Educational Technology (OET) at the U.S. Department of Education
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Grit report cover

Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance

OET's latest report, focusing on critical factors for success in the 21st century, is now open for public comment. The recommendations for practice, implementation, and research are worth the (free) price of admission. Read it here.

School Speed Test

Broadband for All Schools

80% of K-12 schools in America lack fast enough Internet to harness the opportunities for digital learning. is on the case for improving schools' Internet infrastructure asking each school to take a quick school speed test.

Karen Cator

Every Day Should Be Digital Learning Day

Karen Cator's final blog as Director of the Office of Educational Technology celebrated-- what else-- digital learning opportunities.


Where OET Will Be


March 1, 2013

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Richard Culatta

Richard Culatta Named Acting Director, OET

On February 15, Richard Culatta, whose background includes Capitol Hill, CIA, and Deputy Director of the Office of Ed Tech, became Acting Director. Check out his bio, and recent presentations.


Jennie pic

On Our Radar

Tom Vander Ark in EdWeek on "How Online Learning is Saving and Improving Rural High Schools"

This video from promotes teaching computer coding in high school

OET's Dan Brown interviews Arne Duncan on school safety

ED blog profiles a Chicago teacher and tech convert