AES Downtime Policy REMAINS Activated for AESDirect Filers Only

March 25, 2013 

AES Broadcast #2013022 

AES Downtime Policy REMAINS Activated for AESDirect Filers Only

This message is intended for AESDirect filers. 

The AESDirect system is experiencing communication issues. 

During this outage AESDirect filers may submit shipments under the AES Downtime Policy. State Department licensable shipments cannot be exported under the AES Downtime Policy and must be held until communication is restored and an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) is received. Once the AES Downtime Policy is deactivated, all AES transactions for shipments that were exported under the AES Downtime Policy must be filed along with any new AES transactions. 

AESPcLink users are encouraged to continue creating and storing shipments in a queue on their local computer for transmission when the outage is resolved. 

If you utilize the AES Downtime Policy for export, please contact the port where you will export from. In lieu of the AES Proof of Filing citation, please use the AES Downtime citation which consists of the phrase AESDOWN, your individual company's Filer ID, and the date of export. 

For example:       AESDOWN 123456789       03/25/2013 

Please see the CBP link below for further information on the AES Downtime Policy: 

For further information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau's AES Branch
Telephone: (800) 549-0595, select option 1 for AES
Foreign Trade Division Website
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