Celebrate Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week!

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Boy going down waterslide with words Recreational Illness and Injury Prevention Week 2012 at the bottom

May 21, 2012

CDC’s Healthy Swimming Program is pleased to announce the start of the 8th annual Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week (RWIIPW).


Each year, RWIIPW focuses on simple steps swimmers and pool operators can take to help ensure a healthy and safe swimming experience for everyone.

We invite you to look at our new offerings this year, which include:

We also have a RWIIPW-themed button (currently up on our homepage) and banner that partners can put on their own websites to promote the observance. Please email healthyswimming@cdc.gov if you are interested in using either of these and we will send you the files.

Thank you for your support; we wish all of you a safe and healthy swim season!


*These pages will be available later this week.