AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture Database: Data Submission Information

Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture Comparative Database

Dear SOPS Database Users and Submitters:

As previously announced, the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (SOPS) Database will be reopening for submission and reporting of Hospital SOPS data from June 1- June 15, 2013.  

General submission information is available at: https://www.sops-database.org/hospital/info  

Hospital Comparative Database Submission Information 

Data Use Agreement (DUA): The DUA is the same as in previous years, with the exception of an optional section (11) that allows hospitals to share their identifiable Hospital SOPS data with approved researchers. 

Survey Data File Specifications:The hospital survey has not changed and the specifications remain the same as in previous years. A small change allows for a modified respondent identifier to indicate whether the completed survey was in a language other than English or Spanish.

Registration Dates: Registration for the Hospital SOPS Comparative Database will open on June 1, 2013.  We will notify you of the URL for registration on June 1, 2013  

If you have any questions, please contact the SOPS Databases team by phone at 1-888-324-9790 or email at DatabasesOnSafetyCulture@westat.com.

For all other questions, please contact the general SOPS helpline at 1-888-324-9749 or email at SafetyCultureSurveys@westat.com.

We look forward to your participation in 2013!

The SOPS Database Team