New courses at Ludlow Museum and Resource Centre

Meet the Romans with Martin Thorpe

Meet the Romans

This course aims to provide an introduction to the history and culture of Ancient Rome and is based around the lives of some of its most famous (and infamous) characters - real and fictional.  As well as their real life achievements or their role in outstanding works of literature, these figures all reveal something about Roman values and social assumptions.

No knowledge of Latin is required.

Martin Thorpe read Classics at Cambridge.  He has been an active member of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, serving as chairman and president.  He has been tutor for a number of adult courses locally.

WhereLudlow Museum Resource Centre, 7/9 Parkway SY8 2PG

Date:     Thursdays:  16th February and 2nd, 9th and 23rd of March 2017

Time:     10.15am – 1.15pm

Cost:     £55   ( includes refreshments )

A cabinet of curiosities with Angela Gladwell

Cabinet of curiosities

Art classes

This course is inspired by the tradition of the Cabinet of Curiosities.  These curious collections traditionally comprised a wide variety of exotica and occasionally items of suspect provenance! Man-made objects were included such as masks and jewellery or objects relating to magic.  We will be using both the specimens and artefacts from the museum resource centre collection and also items from the course participants own homes.

The course will follow our pattern of a first term of observation drawing and painting and a second term to produce a final complete chart.  There is individual tuition and all abilities are welcome.

Cost: £96  (includes refreshments)

Spring Term: 9 weeks on Mondays starting 9th January 2017

Morning:   10am-12.30pm    
Afternoon:   1.30pm – 4pm

To book a place on any of these courses, or for more information, contact Museum Education on 01743 258881 / 258884 or email