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Stress e-Bulletin

May 2011


Welcome to the HSE Stress e-Bulletin

In this month's stress e-bulletin, we shine the spotlight on presenteeism and invite managers to take our free competency test


Test your management skills

Research shows around 60% of stress cases are affected by line manager behaviour.

Our free test helps line managers to assess and improve their ability to identify and tackle work-related stress

Management Competency tool

Presenteeism - what are you doing about it?

Presenteeism describes the loss in productivity caused by employees working while they're ill. 

Take part in our online discussion of the month where we ask - does presenteeism affect your business and what are you doing to address it?

Log on to Stress Solutions to take part - if you're not already a member of our online discussion forum, sign up below:

Stress Solutions

Free online exercises for employee reps

HSE has developed these free online exercises to help employee representatives understand their role in tackling work-related stress:

Employee rep exercises.