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TCEQ and TPWD debut new Take Care of Texas PSA


 On May 1, TCEQ’s Executive Director Zak Covar along with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Executive Director Carter Smith revealed a “sneak preview” of a statewide Take Care of Texas public service announcement which will officially roll out June 3.

The campaign is a partnership between TCEQ and TPWD and includes radio and television ads featuring Texas country artist Kevin Fowler and a new Take Care of Texas website design. Mr. Covar and Mr. Smith presented Mr. Fowler with a framed campaign poster and certificate of appreciate for graciously donating his time and writing the catchy jingle for the campaign.

The new campaign urges everyone to get outdoors and enjoy Texas’ clean air, rivers, lakes, and bays. Once the PSAs and new website launch, we’ll ask everyone to visit TakeCareOfTexas.org and pledge to conserve water and energy, and keep the air clean. As thanks, we’ll mail you a free Texas State Park Guide.

If you’re a Facebook user, please go to our Take Care of Texas Facebook page and like the page to keep up to date on the PSA; and you’ll be one of the first to see the PSA on June 3. We’re warning you now; you’ll walk around singing the jingle all day!

Resources To Help Conserve Water During Drought

Drought Map

Widespread drought conditions continue across the state. The TCEQ has information and resources available to keep Texans informed about the drought and encourage all to do their part to conserve water.

Despite recent rains, much of Texas still remains in a drought. To help you make better decisions about water use, including surface and groundwater regulations, and emergency procedures, link to drought information. Our Take Care of Texas water conservation page offers many resources to help you save water at http://www.takecareoftexas.org/water-conservation-tips/

• Ten easy water conservation tips

• Free banner ads

• Public service announcements

• Rainwater harvesting information

• Publications

• Be sure to visit the Texas Water Smart website at http://texaswatersmart.com/  for more great lawn and garden watersaving tips.

Help your community do its part to take care of our water resources!

It’s Time to Check Your Landscape Irrigation System!


Springtime and warmer weather are here, and it is time to make sure your irrigation system is in good shape! To ensure your system works properly and also conserves water, you should have a licensed landscape irrigator inspect your system at least once a year.

A spring tune-up normally includes:

  • inspecting each zone,
  • unclogging spray nozzles,
  • adjusting sprinkler heads, and
  • adjusting the watering schedule

The inspection should address common problems such as broken sprinkler heads, lack of proper coverage, replacement of nozzles, and timer and electric valve functions.

Irrigators and irrigation technicians are required to be licensed by the state of Texas. To find a licensed irrigator in your area, or to verify licensing information, visit http://www2.tceq.texas.gov/lic_dpa/index.cfm

For more tips on watering your lawn efficiently, see Landscape Irrigation: A Take Care of Texas Guide, GI-409.

TCEQ Celebrates Winners of the 2013 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards

TCEQ formally honored the winners of the 21st annual Texas Environmental Excellence Awards at a banquet held in their honor on May 1.  The awards ceremony recognized 10 projects that demonstrate positive effects on air, water, and land resources. 

Among this year’s award recipients: a creative landscaping project at a national cemetery; a wildlife habitat conservation plan along a national wildlife refuge; an 11-year-old’s effort to keep his city clean; a university’s innovation to destroy a invasive species impacting the environment; a coordinated effort to save a creek; a pioneering way to reduce airplane manufacturing waste; a coalition formed to help balance an aquatic ecosystem; a chemical company’s dedication to water conservation; a refinery’s alternative energy efforts, and a coal company’s restoration initiative. 

“This is the fifth year I have been involved in this presentation, and awarding these recipients continues to be a special honor,” said Chairman Bryan Shaw, Ph.D.  “I applaud their dedication to our natural resources, and service to our state.” 

To learn more about this year’s winners and watch video vignettes of each environmental champion, go to http://www.teea.org/teea-2013-winner-0.

In This Issue:

  • TCEQ and TPWD debut new Take Care of Texas PSA
  • Resources To Help Conserve Water During Drought
  • It’s Time to Check Your Landscape Irrigation System!
  • TCEQ Celebrates Winners of the 2013 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards
  • Don't Forget...

Highlighted TCEQ Publictions


Water Recycles: The Complete Story

Poster illustrating steps in water cycle and several human activities that affect water. Back of poster has narrative information, activities, and puzzles.

You can also order other FREE TCEQ publications.


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Take Care of Texas Tips

At Home

Collect rainwater to use on your landscape. Watering in the morning saves water from being evaporated by the midday heat

Around the Office

Recycling paper products-including newspapers, paperboard boxes (like cereal and cracker boxes), cardboard boxes, junk mail, and office paper-saves money

Don't Forget...

· Drinking Water Week May 5-11


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