Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine - May 2013

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May 2013 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Learn why exotic birds sometimes make their way to Texas and how hidden treasures are creating technological fun in nature. Read about the transformation of Aquarena Springs from a fading amusement park to a world-class learning center. Carter Smith describes his grandparents' influence on his love of the Rio Grande Valley. Focus on some popular raptors, and learn about the Texas ebony tree, the new crop of cameras and more.


Feature Articles

Unexpected Guests

Delighting birders, rare ‘star’ vagrants travel through Texas each year.

white owl

By Noreen Damude

If expecting to see, say, a roseate spoonbill, look again. It just might be a greater flamingo. Or, when all excited to see a wood stork, take a second look — danged if it isn’t a jabiru! When hoping to find a few scoters along the coast this spring, keep a sharp eye out; you may turn up a king eider. A bare-throated tiger-heron — that’s not like any heron I’ve ever seen in Texas before.

Is that a whimbrel? No, wait a minute. Could it be an Eskimo curlew? I thought that bird was extinct! Read more.


State Park Treasure Hunts

Geocaching combines technology and nature for outdoor family fun.

kids look into a geocache treasure box

By Amber Conrad

Treasure, adventure, gold coins, cryptic clues and riddles await. This is not the theme for an adventure park ride or another pirate movie; it’s the theme for a weekend spent geocaching in state parks.

“Yo-ho!” sang an excited 6-year-old Lexi Hawbecker. “A-geo-treasuring we go!” Read more.


The Transformation of Aquarena

How a beloved, decaying theme park became a world-class nature center.

two people and the diving pig vintage photo

By Lindsay C. Sansom

Beloved by vacationing families for seven decades for entertaining Aquamaids and lovable swimming pigs, Aquarena Springs in San Marcos is no longer a glitzy theme park. Visitors to this ancient Texas treasure will now find Spring Lake much as nature intended. Read more.

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