Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine - January 2013

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine January 2013

This month, focus on Texas night skies with Chase Fountain's striking photo essay. Then we share sure-fire ways to get your kids involved in the outdoors. Carter Smith reports on a family campout that almost didn't have s'mores. Plus, read about a wandering Kemp's ridley sea turtle, gray and fox squirrels, a historic tree that grew up with Texas, a 100-year-young gal bagging a buck, and more.


Feature Articles

Into the Night 

A photographer’s view of Texas under the stars.

night sky, backlit sillouette against rock formations

By Chase A. Fountain

A rough Texas landscape tucked under a blanket of stars and bathed in moonlight — there’s nothing more awe-inspiring. Intrigued by the challenges of night photography and motivated by a love for the stars, Texas Parks & Wildlife photographer Chase A. Fountain set out on a quest to photograph Texas in a different light – by moonlight and starlight. Texas is big sky country, and there is no better furlough than to get out of the big city, head to empty spaces and spend an evening marveling at the stars. Join us on a journey through Texas at night, with photographs taken throughout the state and at Texas state parks.

Read and see more.


Dirty Nails and Goat Slobber

Six ways to instill the love of the wild in a child.

child's bare feet, jean cuffs, dirt

By Russell A. Graves

It’s a profound yet simple statement: Kids belong outside. 

My children have enjoyed the natural world on a daily basis since they were small. My wife and I introduced our children to Texas’ wild things because we want our kids to love the outdoors.

Something deeper than appreciating flora and fauna connects kids with outside playtime. A litany of scientific studies proves what many Texas parents know instinctively — there is lasting physical and cognitive value in turning off electronic entertainment and venturing outdoors.

Growing up in the late 1970s and ’80s, I spent most of my free time in the wild. Read more.

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On Golden Pond

Transform your private fishing hole into angling heaven by avoiding these common pitfalls.

pond by house, reflecting lights at dusk

By Craig Bonds

To an outsider, I’m sure it looked like just a pond.

There was nothing visually extraordinary about it. In fact, it appeared unremarkably similar to the thousands of private ponds that dot the rural and suburban Texas landscape. But my grandmother’s livestock pond, a stone’s throw away from my boyhood home in the black clay prairie of Central Texas, was so much more to me.

So many rich life experiences happened there, as well as at other ponds nearby and afar, forming the tapestries that cloak the window into my past. Read more.


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