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Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine - October 2012 

Reap some hot tips on deer and upland bird hunting. Then read how hunters and anglers make wildlife and habitat conservation a success story. See why angling for sunfish will makes adults and kids smile. Three destinations offer great outdoor memories. Then study up on frostweed, box turtles, and more.

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Hunting Forecast 2012-2013

Here’s the lowdown on whitetails and more, straight from the experts. 

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By Steve Lightfoot

Hunting is as much a conversation as it is an activity. Storytelling around a campfire at the end of the day is an important part of our hunting heritage, but hunters also crave news. If you don’t believe me, observe what happens whenever two or more of them get together. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a coffee shop in El Campo, a steakhouse in Fort Worth or a feed store in Llano — hunting will be discussed. Read more.

The Greatest Conservation Story You've Never

Federal program has played an essential role in wildlife restoration for 75 years.

old photo: crowd watching deer leap to freedom
By Tom Harvey

Imagine a nationwide coalition saying, “Please tax us — we want to pay federal taxes.” Such a thing seems inconceivable today, but that’s essentially what happened 75 years ago when hunters and anglers called for what became the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) programs.

They were motivated by dire peril. By the late 1800s, America was on a runaway train barreling toward a natural resource disaster — and most people didn’t even know it. While we were busy creating the richest and most powerful nation in the world, we were also laying waste to its natural abundance. Read more.

Sunny With a Chance of Fun

Sunfish provide more enjoyment per pound than any other Texas fish.

By Larry D. Hodge

Whether it’s the best kind of fish, the best place to fish or the best bait to use, it’s hard to get anglers to agree on anything.

But ask them what kind of fish is best for getting kids hooked on fishing, and the answer will almost certainly be the same: sunfish. Read more.
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