Attention Boaters: Don’t Be A Carrier!

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Zebra Mussels. Don't Be A Carrier.
Attention boaters: You could be carrying an invader that can harm our lakes, foul your boat, hinder water recreation and even threaten our drinking water supply!
Zebra mussels are a very destructive invasive species that can easily spread from lake to lake on boats and trailers like yours. They start out as microscopic larvae known as “veligers” and adults grow to only 1½ inches, but what these small (and often invisible) invaders lack in size they make up for in the damage they do.  Zebra mussels have already been found in Lake Texoma, and  you have the power to stop them from spreading to other Texas lakes!
Don’t be a carrier – Stop zebra mussels from spreading to other bodies of water by cleaning your boat, motor, trailer and gear of all debris and draining it of all water.  Then dry it for at least a week before boating on another body of water.  If your boat is kept or stored on the water in a lake known to have zebra mussels, then it will need to be fully decontaminated before transporting or launching it on another body of water. 
Not only will you be helping to save our precious lakes, you’ll also be following the law.  It is illegal to possess or transport invasive species in the state and as of May 17, 2012, boaters and anglers on Lake Texoma and Lake Lavon will need to remove all water from their watercraft before leaving for another body of water. This includes emptying all bait buckets, live wells, bilges, and any other receptacles, containers, or systems that could contain water.  Learn more about the new regulations on the TPWD website.
Watch this short video on how to properly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear.
Learn more about zebra mussels at
Thanks to the following Texas Parks and Wildlife campaign partners: North Texas Municipal Water District, Tarrant Regional Water District, Trinity River Authority, City of Dallas Water Utilities Department, Sabine River Authority, Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, San Jacinto River Authority, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Angelina & Neches River Authority, and Brazos River Authority.
Hello Zebra Mussels. Goodbye Texas Lakes.