Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine - May 2012

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May 2012 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Texas is very "birdy" in May - read about when and where to watch our famous feathered visitors. Carter Smith reflects on the annual return and antics of neighborhood night herons. Eco-musicians create tunes for kids. Read about the fearless game warden who busted future President Lyndon B. Johnson over a dove hunting violation. Then learn about Lufkin’s piney woods as a weekend destination, the smallest state park with a big bat population, and more.

Feature Articles

Not-So-Plain Janes

Don’t be fooled by their drab looks — wrens boast busybody energy and beautiful songs.

winter wren on branch
By Noreen Damude

At once confiding, reclusive, mellifluous, raucous, resourceful and oft-times baffling, wrens make up for in substance what they lack in glamour. Members of the family Troglodytidae, from the Greek word troglodytes, meaning “cave dwellers,” they have clearly transcended their “cave bird” beginnings and emerged into the light, adding much to our edification and delight. Read more. 

Eyes on the Skies: The 2012 Spring/Summer Birding Calendar

Though the Great Texas Birding Classic is postponed till 2013, many other events offer wondrous bird-watching opportunities.

Sandhill crane flying
By Shelly Plante

In the spring, neotropical migrants spread their dazzling wings and leave their warm winter homes in Latin America. Some stop on the Texas coast; others fly inland. Birders flock to the hot spots, hoping for a sighting of a feathered rarity to add to their lifetime list. In addition to the events below, state parks host frequent birding activities. Read more.

Natural Rock Stars

Texas eco-musicians inspire young naturalists through music.

Two male and one female singers with guitars
By Tolly Moseley

I’m watching a rapper strut across a well-lit stage. Around me, fans chant along to his call-and-response lyrics, swaying in time to the music. They burst into applause after the number is finished, and beg for one last song. Read more.
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