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March 2012 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

In this issue, play some turkey hunting trivia before the spring hunt begins. Read about angling for alligator gar with a bow and arrow and biologists' plans to encourage native habitat in manmade reservoirs. Executive Director Carter Smith reminds readers that complacency is not an option if bobwhite quail are to thrive again in Texas. Then learn more about panhandle pleasures, Texas Brigade camps, pileated woodpeckers, the latest in game/wildlife cameras and more. 

Feature Articles

Are You King of the Roost?

Acing this quiz on turkey hunting laws would be a real feather in your cap.

By Ben Rehder

Spring turkey hunting season starts soon. Are you ready for a safe and productive hunt? Take this quiz to find out, and maybe even learn something new along the way.
1. There are three subspecies of wild turkey found in Texas. Which subspecies is specified on tag No. 2 of a Texas resident hunting license?
sketch of two fighting turkeys

Shoot That Fish

Bow fishing draws on primitive methods to turn angler into archer.

By Amber Conrad

Have you ever stood atop a flat-bottom boat and pondered your chances of hitting fish with a bow and arrow? There’s something primitive and ancient inside all of us that sparks thoughts of our ancestors’ methods of hunting and fishing. We wonder if we could have survived with only sticks and stones and our wits as the tools to feed ourselves. Why not take a bow and arrow and try your luck at catching an enormous alligator gar? Read more.
fish in hand

Underwater Re-Evolution

Growing plants to grow more fish in reservoirs.

By Larry D. Hodge

A revolution is brewing among biologists managing freshwater fisheries in reservoirs. Or, put another way, a re-evolution of fisheries management is taking root.

Rather than applying a top-down approach to fisheries management by stocking fish, biologists are going bottom-up by stocking plants and putting in fish attractors to create habitat, sort of an “if we build it, they will come” approach. Read more.
handful of green plants

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