Emails, calls and letters—oh my!


Representative Tina Kotek
D-North/NE Portland
District 44

Phone: 503-986-1444    900 Court St. NE, H-269, Salem Oregon 97301
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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

While much of the public buzz during the Legislative Session is focused on big ticket items like the budget and PERS, this week I thought it would be helpful to step away from the insider discussion to talk about some of the other important issues my office focuses on throughout the year.

Emails, calls and letters—oh my!

My office receives over 100 emails per day and nearly 35,000 emails each year from individuals and organizations around the state, in addition to a multitude of phone calls and mailed letters. The correspondence my office receives from constituents and concerned stakeholders helps to highlight the importance of issues like stable school funding, improving access to higher education and supporting the creation of new jobs. Many Oregonians are experiencing similar issues regardless of where they live, and I appreciate hearing from all of them.

Some of the issues I have heard most about this session are; budget, CRC, credit unions, corporate personhood, cougars, GMOs, guns, National Popular Vote, PERS, renewable energy, schools, tax credits, taxes, tobacco master settlement agreement funds and wolves. Additionally, I have received hundreds of emails regarding bills that only seem to interest a few people. While I do my best to read every message, it is practically impossible for me to reply personally to every message. My staff works with me to enhance my responsiveness by giving me daily updates about the messages we are receiving and working with me to craft responses.

As a State Representative, I am honored to help constituents solve problems. My office works to solve serious issues faced by families and individuals on a daily basis. We work on individual cases related to home foreclosures, medical crisis, unemployment, public safety issues, dispute mediation, and connecting individuals to state and federal resources. When a problem is unable to be solved using existing resources, I often sponsor legislation to help resolve specific cases when applicable.

Throughout the year, we hear from neighborhood associations and community groups facing issues within the district. These cases are important to my office and we work for resolution within the community and outside organizations. Issues range from OLCC permitting to neighborhood development and air quality. This week, I met with students from the Chemistry and Air Pollution Club at Roosevelt High School to discuss air quality in North Portland. Many concerns raised by the community or neighborhood associations have long-term ramifications and resolution can take months and in some cases, years.

In addition to my wonderfully hardworking Legislative Assistants Michelle Rogelstad and Hannah Fisher, my office has been fortunate to have three talented interns-- Adam, Annie and Lexi. They have all been working hard to document, organize, retain and respond to all correspondence.

So, please—continue to call, write, email and stop by! We look forward to hearing from you.

As always, it is a pleasure to represent you.

Best wishes,

State Representative Tina Kotek

Speaker of the House

District 44