US 20 project future to get additional consideration

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Commission decides to take more time to study US 20 project



SALEM— The Oregon Transportation Commission has decided to take more time to study options on the project to build a new alignment of US 20 between Corvallis and Newport.


The US 20 PME: UPRR to Eddyville project is replacing a ten mile segment of old US 20 that has narrow lanes and hairpin curves with a 5.5 mile segment that will be straighter, with wide shoulders and miles of passing lanes


The Commission was presented five options to address the project’s future. Two dealt with completing the new alignment; two dealt with modifying the existing US 20 alignment and one dealt with bringing the project to an end.


The Commission took no procedural action on an option to complete the new alignment and place traffic on it by 2015. That option would come with a total project cost of $397 Million.


The Commission instructed ODOT staff to refine cost estimates on an option that would delay putting traffic on the new alignment until further study of landslide data is accomplished. Staff will present the refined estimates at the Commission meeting in January.


The decision was reached after the Commission was told that additional study of ground movement along the project corridor would result in significant cost savings and less risk.



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