Old McKenzie Pass Hwy open to a single lane for bikes and pedestrians only


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 Snow removed from one lane across McKenzie Pass Highway

Highway open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only


SPRINGFIELD— Snow removal on a single lane of The Old McKenzie Pass Highway (OR 242) has been completed, giving pedestrians and bicyclists an opportunity to enjoy the highway before motor vehicle traffic is allowed. The highway is open only to pedestrians and bicyclists and remains closed to motor vehicles.


Pedestrians and bicyclists are urged to travel the single lane with caution and be alert for ODOT trucks or heavy machinery still working along the road.


The highway will not be opened to motor vehicle traffic until all the snow melts off the roadway. There is no firm date for reopening but it’s anticipated it will be in June.


ODOT maintenance crews report that snow drifts can still be found along the edge of the cleared lane and rocks and other debris can be found in the open lane. Users should be cautious while traveling the highway.


To learn more about the highway, visit: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION4/McKenzie_Pass_Project/McKenzie_Pass_Project.shtml


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